Fall Swim Team Group Placements Posted

2018 Fall Tiger Shark Swim Team Group Placements
For existing swimmers only

First, This is not an easy task!
With the 6 lane pool closed, the coaching staff worked very hard to place all swimmers on the team
who came to tryouts or contacted us with their interest to swim in the fall. 
If you did not contact us with your interest or come to tryouts, you are not on the group placement list.
If you are interested, you can attend tryouts in August for 12 & under swimmers only. 

See tryout information   

There will be no group placement discussions until after August 27th.
All deposits must be made by Wednesday August 15th or your spot on the team will be removed.
New Swimmer tryout placements will be posted on August 15th


Next Step:  

You will need to make a $75 deposit at the welcome center  
to secure your spot on the team by August 15th.
If your deposit is NOT received by Wednesday August 15th
your spot on the team will be removed.

Payment in full  will also be available through Wednesday August 15th
with a 5% discount available.
Click here for Billing/Payment schedule

Website registration
August 1st through August 25th. 
The website registration is your 2nd step after your $75 deposit. 
Once registered,  your FOUR automatic draft payments will begin on  9/1, 
10/1, 11/1, and 12/1.

Individual placements are based on the best interest of the swimmer for long term development and are dependent upon training ability, level of commitment, group availability, proficiency in the necessary skills by age group and coaches approval.All group placements are considered by the entire coaching staff.  Achievement of Championship Qualifying Times are used as general guidelines, not specific criteria.

Click here for the  2018 Fall Swim Team Group Placement list