Alberta Summer Championships Day 3 Report

01 July 2018 (Repsol Sports Centre, Calgary) - Day 3 of the Alberta Summer Swimming Championships was upon us and there were plenty of great swims from your Cascade swimmers on this the night before the greatest country in the world’s birthday!

In the 100m butterfly event Ella Varga continued to show the way for the next generation of young Cascade girls after she dropped almost another second off of her lifetime best time in the race to go 1:04.96 and take the silver medal. In total Ella has taken off 25 seconds from her lifetime best time in this event - starting the year at 1:29.45! Not only that, she is just a couple of tenths off of one of longest standing club records back from 1996 with a 1:04.19 by Sara Stanbury.

In the 14-15 year-old category Mathieu Cyr had just barely qualified for the “A” final by 7/100ths of a second in 8th with a 1:03.98 (1:04.05 was 9th!) but at Cyr surged out of lane in 28.93 before finishing in second overall with a 1:01.50.

Devon Angus had been on fire all week so far at the ASC meet and in the 200m freestyle she had qualified in the top spot just a little over a second over her lifetime best in a 2:17.78. At night she between a half and a full second faster on each of her 50’s to drop down to 2:14.66 which was a new lifetime best time took the championship title.

In our boys race Kadin Werner Enns put up a lifetime best in the prelims dropping two full seconds from his best to go 2:11.08 and qualify in the centre lane. At night he put up another solid performance swimming 2:11.96 to take the silver medal. Caleb Gaine, right beside him, qualified in third after dropping 4 seconds off of his best to go 2:15 (dwon from 2:19). At night he went a little bit quicker with a 2:15.29 swim for the bonze medal. Both Gaine and Werner Enns have been packing all the 13&U finals along with their teammate Addison Butler in a fine display of boys swimming all weekend long.

In the boys 14-15 category Kian Pratt qualified in 4th place with a smooth 2:04.1 swim before getting into a great race at night in a close battle for silver and bronze with Hayden Hebel from the Olympian Swim Club. Pratt and Hebel were back and forth and only separated by between 1/100th and 16/100th right up until the very end before Habel out split Pratt by 1/10th on the last 50 taking silver while Kian grabbed bronze in a lifetime best of 2:01.07.

In the 50m backstroke Ella Varga was looking to go twofer after having won the 100m event the night before by the narrowest of margins - 1/100th of a second. She was up against the 13 year-old Alberta provincial record holder from UCSC in this same event so you knew it was going to be a close one. Ella cracked 31 for the very first time in the event getting down to 30.91 which was good enough for the win and a new lifetime best.

In the 15&O category after having taken the silver medal the night before in the 100m backstroke and looking for more Alexandra Butler was the top-seed in the middle lane in 30.09. At night, in one of the closest races we saw all weekend, we had final results of 30.22, 30.23, 30.36 and 30.99 to determine our top four spots with Butler taking the gold.

In the boys 14-15 year-old race Cole Pratt demonstrated some pretty dominant form by taking a half-second off of the Alberta provincial record for 15 year-old boys by swimming 26.94 and taking the gold. Pratt’s start and underwater differentiated him from the field right at the gun showing you just what can be done by paying attention to detail in practice day in and day out. Mathieu Cyr was on his best time once again after having broken the 15 year-old boys meet record in this event at the CSI: 2018 meet. Cyr went from a 28.29 down to a 28.23 taking the silver medal in this one to add to his gold medal swim in the 100m event the night before.

In the boys 16&O category Sebastian Somerset continued to dominate the backstroke events the night after he also won the 100m race. Sebastian was 27.0 in the morning and then 27.2 here at night taking the gold medal in a tight race up against a few older swimmers from UCSC.

In the 200m breaststroke Rakiya Johnson who has been improving at a huge rate all year long had qualified in third with a 2:55 which was just off of her best at 2:53. At night she took the strategy given to her by her coaches and stuck to it - not losing her head at all while the swimmers around here in the rest of the field were off doing all sorts of crazy things. Johnson was 6th at the 50m mark in 40.1 before turning at the 100m wall to in 1:23.83 in 6th again but, with notably the third fastest second 50 of the field. Rakiya used that momentum to slingshot her way around to the back half of the race in 44.0 seconds on the third 50 - the second fastest third 50 of the field and move up into 4th place! On the last 50 she put up the single fastest last 50 of the entire field by more than 1.5 seconds with her teammates and sister (Cascade Open record holder in the girls 200IM - Jessica Johnson from 2011) cheering her on from the sidelines. 42.1 on the last 50 to blow by the field and touch for the bronze in 2:49.98 - a new lifetime best time by 4 seconds!

Addison Butler crushes most of the races he swims whether they are fly, back, breast or free - if he sticks with this well rounded stroke development like his coaches want over the next few years he could be a force to be reckoned with as an IM’er and up with the big boys in no time! Butler was 2:46 in the prelims before taking off a full 8 seconds from that swim to go 2:38.69 at night to win the gold medal in a new two-second lifetime best time.

In the mad-dash 50m freestyle event Devin Angus was once again on the podium this time in third with a 29.02 swim. In the girls 13-14 Ella Varga took a full half-second off of her lifetime best time to get to the silver in 27.50.

On the boys side of the dash Mathieu Cyr and Cole Pratt provided the podium highlights for Cascade as Cyr took bronze in 25.41 which was right at his best while Cole Pratt went a new lifetime best to take gold just missing the provincial mark by a 10th in 24.15.

In the 400IM, the King & Queen of all swimming events, to call it unforgiving is to do the event a disservice as it requires pretty much everything and anything a swimmer has in the tank to get it right. Corah Wilson showed everyone how it is done and how you go about leaving it all in the pool. Wilson went a best time by a 10th of a second in the prelims of 5:46.49 to qualify in second for the final. In the race Corah was second at the 100m after the butterfly but that was the last time in the race as she took over from there and never looked back. 1:19.87 on the fly, 1:25.02 on the backstroke in negative split fashion, as it should be, before a negative split 1:27.16 breaststroke leg. On the freestyle you should pretty much always have a finishing spit better than your outgoing butterfly split - as a matter of pacing and even more so as a matter of pride. Corah split 1:14.58 on the freestyle, five seconds better than her butterfly, to touch the wall in 5:36.63 which was a best time by ten full seconds taking the gold medal.

In the boy’s race, the 13&U category, Addison Butler had already dropped 18 seconds from his entry time to 5:13.75 in the prelims. Caleb Gaine qualified in third dropping more than 20 seconds of his own to go 5:23.94. At night with Butler and Gaine were in fine form as the duet dropped another 2 seconds and 6 seconds respectively with Addison winning in 5:11.69 and Gaine taking the silver in 5:17.15. Both swimmers were right on the text book specs for how to swim the race - check out their splits below:

Butler                     Gaine

31.3 / 37.9 1:09.3   32.8 / 39.0 1:11.8

41.0 / 39.9 1:20.0   40.5 / 39.8 1:20.3

45.1 / 45.8 1:30.9   47.4 / 47.0 1:30.4

35.6 / 34.7 1:10.4   35.6 / 34.6 1:10.2

In our boys 14-15 year-old age category Kian Pratt had qualified second in 5:01 behind the Olympian swimmer who had posted a 5-second PB already. Pratt having a strong meet took the lead after the first 50 of butterfly and then never looked back. Kian followed the IM game plan as well negative splitting and pushing the pace as he should the whole way through to notch another win on the weekend. Splits for Pratt and his new lifetime best of 4:50.32:

30.2 / 35.0 1:05.2

36.5 / 36.1 1:12.6

43.8 / 43.1 1:26.9

33.4 / 31.8 1:05.2

The last race of the night was the 4x50 Medley Relay for the 12&U girls and 13&U boys. The girls team of Devon Angus, Corah Wilson, Hannah Auch and Madilyn Connell were quite the quartet with solid splits all around: 33.85 on the back, 39.69 on the breast, 32.38 on the fly and 30.49 on the freestyle. The final time was 2:16.41 which was just two seconds off of the club record.

Our boys team was very strong and put on one of them most exciting races of the night trailing the Olympian team the entire race with some great splits from Caleb Gaine, 32.17; Roan Clifford, 38.92; and Addison Butler. It came down to the finish with OSC out ahead by 6 seconds at the 150m mark - 1:32 to 1:38 it was up to the anchor Kadin who had a lot of ground to make up. Off he went in hot pursuit of Cohen Chan from the Olympians. Werner Enns was literally moving up on Chan with each and every stroke and finally getting to the wall with a monster split of 26.75 which is a second and a half better than he has ever been from a flat start! Final time 2:05.38 for silver behind OSC who won in 2:04.99.

Team Scores after Day 3

1. UCSC 986

2. CASC 665

3. EKSC 610

4. OSC 345

5. TRITON 177.5


Link for live results.