CMA Does Great In Wednesday Night Flights

CMA Does Great In Wednesday Night Flights

We had another very successful Wednesday Night Flights series this summer. I think everyone had a good time at each meet and enjoyed swimming outside in a very comfortable and relaxed setting. There were four meets in the series and with each meet there were four events that each swimmer could participate in. I had Aiden Carrell, Dylan Bratty, Quinn Cohen, Liam Hintz, and Michael Webb all participate in all four meets, way to go boys! Aiden swam all 16 events and pushed himself to do harder and challenging events like the 50 Fly, 100 Back, and 100 Breast. He did his best and I cannot say enough positives about his effort and enthusiasm. These meets were also a great way for Bronze and Silver swimmers to check off many, if not all of their events for their All Swim Challenge. There are currently six swimmers in the Bronze group that are within three events of finishing their challenge. There were a total of 82 best times at the meet and we finished with 75% best times over all four meets. We had four swimmers place in the top 3 for high point awards for their age group: Zoe Harris, Aiden Carell, Dylan Bratty, and Brad Starkey. I am so happy that we did these meets and I am looking forward to a great finish to our summer!