Teaching Tuesday: Technical Planning Committee

Georgia Swimming has a number of standing committees. Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a look into the different committees and what their roles and responsibilities are. This week we are starting with the Technical Planning Committee.

Technical Planning Committee
Committee Chair: Wes Hamborg (WRA), techplanning@gaswim.org

The Technical Planning Chair is a member of the Board of Directors appointed by the General Chairman with the approval of the Board of Directors in an odd year for a two year term beginning at the conclusion of the April LSC meeting of the year in which the election takes place. The duties and powers of the Technical Planning Chair are defined in the GSI BOD manual as may be changed from time to time. (Georgia Swimming Bylaws, 606.6.12)

The Technical Planning Committee is responsible for long-range planning regarding the swimming programs conducted by the LSC, the continuing review and development of the LSC philosophy and for advising other committees and divisions regarding the implementation of that philosophy in the context of the LSC's swimming programs. (Georgia Swimming Bylaws, 607.1.7)

The members of the Technical Planning Committee include the Technical Planning Committee Chair, Age Group Vice Chair, Senior Vice Chair, the Coach representative, the Senior Athlete Representative, a member representative from each division of the LSC (Metro, Southern, Southwest, Northern, Northeast), and a sufficient number of athletes appointed so as to constitute at least twenty percent (20%) of the voting membership of the committee. The additional members shall be appointed by the General Chair with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.

Specific responsibilities of the Technical Planning Committee Chair and the committee include:

  • Oversee and manage the long-range planning regarding the swimming programs conducted by Georgia Swimming, including the review and development of the Georgia Swimming philosophy.
  • Establish and maintain the Short Course and Long Course meet schedules for GA Swimming and administer the bidding process for meet hosting. Including meet name, date, location, entry fees, pool surcharge (if applicable), awards, and maximum number of swimmers.
  • Receive the Open Water schedule for inclusion in the LSC schedule.
  • Review the Divisional structure every four years and oversee the process of determining if expansion or club reassignments are necessary.
  • Work with Divisional representatives to assign new clubs to Divisions.
  • Advise other committees established by Georgia Swimming regarding the implementation of the organization’s philosophy in the context of Georgia Swimming programs (i.e. State Championship meets, invitationals, etc.)