TEAM Summer Open-Recap

Thanks to all of you, the TEAM summer open was a total success! There were over 400 best times at this meet and while that alone is enough for all of your hard work over the weekend our TEAM also made just over $15,000! Many parents including our AMAZING OFFICIALS worked FAR more than their 10 hours and it made me so proud to see parents pitching in when extra help was needed. Not because that had to but because they wanted this TEAM to be successful. THANK YOU!! 

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to our volunteer coordinator Wendy Codding, our new concessions coordinator Aimee  DeLee, our hospitality coordinator  Janae Ashton, our Electronic Timing crew James Marshall and Chris Heck, our transportation coordinator  Qusheng Lu, and our officials coordinator Mike  Ahten. These are some incredibly dedicated and hard working folks and we are so VERY lucky to have them on our TEAM. 

I would also like to give another special shout out to our meet director Toni Kerr. She has done a wonderful job of coordinating these meets and had put in many hours of hard work. Thank you Toni!  This is also, Toni's last meet. We are looking for a new meet director to start in the Fall. This job, has the added perk of free or partially free TEAM dues. Please email if you are interested. 

We are also looking for more officials (the amazing folks in white and blue)  as well as more people on our electronics crew (these awesome folks do the behind the scenes jobs like maintaining touch pads, making the score board work and setting up the sound system for meets) . Being an official requires NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE, however there is some training to go through. We will have trainings starting in the Fall.  Please email if you are interested in either job. 

Thanks again everybody! Go TEAM!

-Coach  Britta