KING Announces New Coaching Addition

King Aquatic Club (KING) is excited to announce the addition of Olympian and World Champion Milorad "Milo" Čavić to our coaching staff. Milo's primary responsibility will be to lead the Age Group and PG teams. He will create a consistent development program for our youngest swimmers and work with coaches to execute it. His focus on technique and interest in swimmer development will make him a great asset to our team. Milo will also assist Coach Jay with the senior/national group.

Milo's swimming resume is too long to list here but fans will know that he is a Cal alum and four time Olympian - 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. At the Beijing Olympics, where he earned a Silver medal, Milo was a central figure in what is still considered one of the most epic races in Olympic history.

Milo joined the seniors during their California training camp and talked to them about perseverance and the sacrifice required to compete at the highest levels. He will join the team again and be on deck during the Mark Prothero meet that we are hosting. His wife and 2 1/2 year old son will be making the move from Baton Rouge to Federal Way in August. Milo will be coaching full time when the new season starts in September.