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2018 FISH Training Trip - Day 10

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - Day 10 of Grand Junction Training Trip

By Selah Dean and Hailey Brown

      Happy 4th of July!  The morning started earlier than normal with a boxed breakfast in the dining hall at 6:00 am.  Practice started at 7 and consisted of an interesting pace set where the faster you went, the more points you got.  The major practice award went to Flavia, her third!  

      After practice we had about an hour before we had to be at the vans for white water rafting.  The drive in Coach Ruth's van was very enjoyable, with Flavia playing song requests.  We're sure that the ride in Coach Ray's van was also enjoyable with the infamous country music.  On the way to rafting, we stopped at IHOP for lunch!  

      When we got to the rafting adventure company, we all got lifejackets, helmets, and the safety video.  We split up into three groups and went down the Colorado River.  The rapids at the beginning were enjoyable and once we went through those rapids, we could take off our helmets and have a relaxing ride.  We stopped a few times at calmer areas where we swam, played games, and did tricks.  Natalia and Flavia both successful did back flips off of their raft!  

      When rafting was over, we went to Dairy Queen for a quick snack or ice cream.  On the way home Coach Ruth's van was very quiet since everyone was tired from an eventful day!  We had a boxed meal for dinner once we arrived back in the dorms.  Then some of us played soccer.  Day 10 was very eventful and camps is wrapping up fast!  We can't wait for surprise tomorrow!