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Fall/Winter Group Promotions List

Fall/Winter Group Promotions

Promotion time for Fall/Winter is drawing near. Coaches have been watching and evaluating BSC Teammates all season long to see who has earned the opportunity to move up to the next training group.You can view the BSC training expectations for each group on the website. The Fall/Winter Season starts April 3rd.

We will not be making this list final until July 25th, so there is still time to bump up attendance, give that test set your best effort and earn a spot in the group you want to train with this summer!

  1. Attendance—Coaches are looking for teammates who consistently maintain 80% attendance and ready to handle the increased attendance expectation at the next level.

  2. Technique---Coaches are looking for teammates who consistently meet the technical expectations of their group and are ready to accept the technical challenges at the next level.

  3. Effort in Practice—Coaches are looking for teammates who consistently work up to their potential in workouts and begin to demonstrate the ability to handle the physical challenges at the next level.

  4. Attitude---Coaches are looking for teammates who consistently show the maturity level and enthusiasm to be a leader in their current training group and ability to handle the mental challenges at the next level.

If you have any questions regarding your athlete's group assignment please just drop me a line. If your athlete's name is not on the list at all please let me know ASAP—this is an oversight and will be corrected immediately.

Click Here For the Promotions List

Looking forward to another great Fall/Winter Season!

Coach Rob