Updated Meet Information - LC Senior Champs

Updated Meet Information for the
2018 LC Senior Champs
July 12-15 @ Denison University

Click here for the psych sheet.

A few notes from the meet host:

Thursday's relays and distance events require positive check-in by 4:30. To check-in your relay, please return your team's relay sheet.


Friday's 400 Freestyle positive check-in is due by 8:00 am.


Saturday's 400 IM positive check-in is due by 8:00 am.


We will have fly-over starts on Thursday, during all preliminary sessions and during time-trials. At finals, all swimmers are asked to report to the starting blocks. The D, C and B heats will be announced while the athletes are in the water; and the A final will be announced while the athletes are behind the blocks.


ON SUNDAY ONLY!! ALL swimmers must positively check-in to be seeded into finals. At the conclusion of each event, the preliminary results will be announced. All swimmers desiring to participate in finals will have 30 minutes following the announcement to declare their intent to swim. Any swimmer not declaring their intent to swim within 30 minutes, will be scratched from finals. We will make every attempt on all days to notify you if one of your swimmers has been scratched into finals but please stop by the admin desk before leaving the facility after prelims, just in case.


Warm Ups: Open warm ups all weekend, including the dive well. Please no paddles or fins during warm-ups (kickboards, buoys and snorkels are ok in the dive well only). The last 20 minutes of each warm-up session; Lanes 1 & 9 will be Pace with push off only and Lanes 2 & 8 will be one-way sprint with racing starts from the start end of the pool. Please NO starts before this time.


Concessions will be open during the meet. PLEASE remind your families that NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK is permitted in the facility.


As indicated in the meet information, every team entered in the meet will be assigned timers responsibilities. Each team will be responsible for no more than one lane per session. Timing assignments will be sent out shortly. PLEASE SIGN UP TO TIME (click here)! You can split the session with another family!


Swimmers participating in time trials will need to provide their own timer.


Good luck and Swim Fast!