Week 4A 2018 - Kenmont cools down Somerset

If you can believe it, today was the last home A meet of the season. (We have one more dual A meet next Saturday, away at the Potomac pool.) That meant it was time to honor our several swimmers who are aging off the team. Bess had high words of praise and appreciation for the three swimmers who, sadly, today competed at home for the last time. Jessica Khanna, Abigail Muro, and Ananiya Neeck swam as dedicated Dolphins for many years. Coach Bess’s time with the Dolphins also comes to a close this summer. She has been the Dolphins coach for many years, after swimming as a longtime member of the team. This morning we thanked Coach Bess for her years of service.


This morning, the Somerset team swam valiantly against the division’s top-ranked Kenmont team. The final score was 449 to 333 in favor of Kenmont. (This has been quite a season for the Somerset Dolphins. Our team in the past has dominated in slightly lower MCSL divisions. This year, three of the five teams that we swim with in Division “I” were seeded two divisions ahead of us just last year. Our swimmers are doing a great job of hanging tough.)


Delia Vanderzon and Dylan Reilly led the team in first-place finishes, winning each of their individual events. (Delia won the 13-14 girls freestyle, IM, back, & fly. Dylan won the 8-and-under boys freestyle, back, and breast.) Joey Panner (11-12 back & fly) and Phoebe Lewis (9-10 back & breast) each had two first-place finishes. Laila Bracciale (8-and-under back), Joey Edick (8-and-under breast), Miles Haraldsson (13-14 back), and Samantha Smith (15-18 back) also contributed first-place wins.  


Samantha also had a very exciting swim in the 15-18 girls fly, breaking the Somerset team record with a time of 30.90 seconds. (This knocks off the board Samantha’s own prior team record of 31.00 in the 15-18 fly—a record that she set last week.) Samantha also led the way in all-star swims, earning all-star times in each of her four individual swims.


The team had nine additional all-star swimmers today. They included Emmett Freeman (breast), Nata Freeman (breast), Phoebe Lewis (free, back, breast), Avery Mascott (back), Everett Mascott (breast), Joey Panner (IM, breast, fly), Dylan Reilly (back, breast, fly), Delia Vanderzon (free, back, fly), and Nicole Vanderzon (fly).


In additional to several swimmers already mentioned above (Avery, Emmett, Joey E, Joey P, Laila, & Samantha), 18 additional swimmers dropped time today, earning their personal best time for the team in at least one event. These swimmers include Hayden Bitz, Gage Bolten, Danny Brown, Isabel Finn, Pheobe Fortune, John Friedrich, Kesh Khanna, Lucas Lopez Forastier, Matias Lopez Forastier, Mikey Panner, Clara Reilly, Natalie Veksler, Anne Stuart Waltzman, Jessie Williams, Natalie Williams, Vu Wrona, Junie Zaft, and Oliva Zaft.


Several of these personal best performances are particularly noteworthy. Vu Wrona dropped more than 8 seconds in the 50 free. Way to go, Vu! Gage Bolten and Kesh Khanna swam personal best times in no less than three events! And Kesh Khanna, Natalie Veksler, and Junie Zaft were the only three swimmers other than Vu to drop more than one second of time in at least one event.


*Today’s swimmers of the meet are Lucas Lopez Forastier and Isabel Finn.*

Great swimming, Dolphins! And you make it so much fun!