Snake Group Update (7/8)

Snake group practice is as usual this week. 4-5 M-F. S1 pick 4, S2, S3, S4, S5 pick 3, and S6, S7 pick 2.

The warmup is the same as last week: 100( 10kick Free) 100 (10 kick Back), 100 ( 2kick1 pull breast) and 100 (Streamline dolphin kick on back). S3 and S4 do  75s and S5, S6, S7 do 50's.

Starting next week on the  16th we will be doing test sets to determine move ups. Please be sure to get your swimmer to as many practices as possible. 

Last week I had a swimmer that doesn't usually push himself or work hard at practice, work very hard at one particular practice. After practice I told him, "hey, that was an awesome set! I'm so happy you pushed yourself today"  He responded "I didn't know that it would make practice fun to work so hard, why didn't you tell me that before" This swimmer has been swimming with me for the last 3 and half years. Since last week, every time I've seen him he's had an awesome practice...lol!!