Blue Divisionals and A Champs Entries Info

Blue Divisionals and A Champ Entries Info

It’s hard to believe that the end of our season is fast approaching!  It’s almost time to submit entries for Divisionals and “A” Champs, so please review all of this info and let me know if you have any questions!  Champs meets will go live for signups by Tuesday morning, July 10, and will close Friday, July 13 at noon.

Almost all of our swimmers are eligible to swim in at least one of the different League Championship meets at the end of the season!  The one requirement is that swimmers must have swum in two SSL dual meets this season for the level team they’re on the roster for

If a swimmer has qualified in a distance event, and chooses to swim at least one distance event in A Champs, they may swim a maximum of FOUR events between the meets.  If a swimmer has not qualified in a distance event, they may swim THREE short course events between Divisionals and A Champs.

Divisional Championships will be held at Pennypacker on Saturday morning, July 21st .  All swimmers who have not achieved “A” champ times are eligible to compete in Divisionals (as long as they’ve swum in 2 SSL dual meets this season).  Swimmers may swim in up to three individual short course events.  Relays will be determined by the coaches.

“A” Championships is comprised of three different meets.  Qualifying times are required for all three of these meets.   Relays will be determined by the coaches (In order to be considered for an A Champs relay, swimmers must have swum in three SSL dual meets this season for the level team they’re on the roster for).  The meets are as follows:

1.  Distance Free Meter Champs at Ply-mar, Monday evening, July 23rd

2.   IM Champs at Hidden Hollow, Wednesday evening, July 25th

3.   “A” Champs Short Course Events (and Relays) at Wallingford, Saturday, July 28th

**There are swimmers who will be able to swim events at both Divisionals and “A” champsThe total number of events entered between all meets may not exceed FOUR!  For example, a swimmer may have A champ qualifying times for 50 back and 200 IM.  Therefore, they may swim IM champs for 200 IM, “A” champs for 50 back, and Divisionals for 50 free and 50 breast.  Their total number of events is FOUR, and at least one is a distance event.**


1.  Check qualifying times, then determine the events your swimmer would like to compete in. 

  • ·      Look at the “A Champs Qualifying Times” link within the Swim Team tab on the team website to see what times your swimmer(s) needs in order to participate in A Champs.  It can be confusing to try to figure out what events your child may have qualified for because we compete in both meter and yard pools throughout the season, and the A Champs meets are at pools with both distances as well! 
  • ·      Once the meet sign up goes live, it will be easiest to go to the A Champs Meet in the Event tab, click on your swimmer and declare that yes, they’ll be participating (so that all of their times for the various events will show up). 
  • ·      Once you’ve done that you can scroll down to the various A Champs meets;  on the left hand side will be your swimmers best times, and on the right hand side is the “qualify time”.  Events that your child does not qualify in will be in red and will have “not qualified” next to the event. 
  • ·      If your swimmer doesn’t have A Champs qualifying times, you can now go to the Divisionals Champs Meet in the Events tab (but please make sure to decline attending A Champs!) 
  • ·      If you’re still in the A Champs Event, the meet is split into three different “days”.  Day 1, Distance Free, shows the best time in SCM (“S” for short course meters), and also the “qualify time” in SCM (because our Distance Free Club Champs was swum at Pennypacker, a meter pool, and it will be also be raced in a meters pool, PlyMar, at Champs).  Day 2, IM Champs, shows the best time in SCM, but the “qualify time” is shown in SCY (“Y” for short course yards).  This is because our IM Club Champs Trials are swum at Pennypacker, a meter pool, but the Champs meet is at a yard pool, Hidden Hollow.  So the IM times need to be converted from meters to yards to figure out the qualifying time.  Thanks to our Technical Coordinator, Bruce Cooper, there will be a “2018 Top IM Times” report within the Swim Team tab sometime Monday evening, and the swimmers who have A Champs qualifying times for the IM will be highlighted in yellow.  Please use this report to check for IM qualifying times!!  Day 3, the individual Short Course events, shows the best time in either SCY or SCM, depending on which distance your swimmers’ best time was in during the season.  The “qualify times” are shown in both SCY and SCM times (so you can cross reference your child’s best time in the same distance – meters or yards). 

I know this sounds confusing…please ask me for help if you need further clarification!



 2.  Commit to the meets and specific events.  They are listed as two separate meets – Divisionals as one, and A Champs as another (with the option to choose events for the Distance Free, IM and Short Course meets).  Make sure to only choose 3 events (or 4 if also choosing a distance event) between the different championship meets!!



MEET COMMITMENTS/ENTRIES ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, JULY 13th AT NOON!!!  We are required to meet deadlines set by the league, so unfortunately late entries cannot be accepted.  The meets will be live to commit by Tuesday morning!  But you may want to wait to select events until after the meets this week.



** As with the previous 4 seasons, Suburban Swim League is allowing swimmers to achieve qualifying times in meets up to and including the last dual meet of the season (July 17th and 18th), which is after the entries are due.  If an A Champ time is achieved in a meet after Champ entries are submitted on July 13, the swimmer must already be entered into that event for Divisionals.  In this scenario, the swimmer will be moved out of the lineup for Divisionals, and reseeded into the lineup for A Champs, and they will no longer be able to swim in that event at Divisionals.  If a qualifying time is achieved after July 13, and the swimmer was not already signed up for that event for Divisionals, the swimmer will not be able to swim that event in A Champs.  Please let the coaches know if your child is close to an A Champs qualifying time so they know to check their times after the July 17th and 18th meets!

** This is a lot of information, and just typing it was confusingI’ll be under the barn on Wednesday morning around 10:30 to answer any questions you may have.  I’ve been through this many times and am very happy to help you!