Family Relays/Raft Night Potluck on Thursday

Family Relays
This is always a fun event for the whole team! Please bring your family members to join in. Alumni are welcome to come for the reunion!  Families can mix and match to build a team of 4. 

Warm-Ups for family relays will begin from 6:00 to 6:30, and the relays will follow shortly afterwards.  There will be prizes!

Potluck Dinner  
We’ll be having a potluck after family relays. Plan to bring food to the pool on Thursday night for a fun pot luck dinner!  Please bring a family sized dish, enough to share with others.
Disposable (plastic/aluminum) containers for pot luck dishes are preferred. Please do not bring  glass or ceramic items to the pool.  To sign up for the potluck, please fill out this Google Sheet:

Please remember to bring food in order to take advantage of the wonderful food brought by others. As an alternative option, please bring utensils for all families of the team if it’s difficult to prepare food. 


Raft Night!

From 8:00-8:45, the pool will be closed to non-swim team members so we can enjoy our annual raft night!  Bring your rafts to the pool for our race on the water.  However, please no super large items like kayaks!


Hope to see your family on Thursday night!


Stonebridge Sharks Swimming Team