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2018 FISH Training Trip - Day 12

Friday, July 9, 2018 - Day 12 of Grand Junction Training Trip

      By Flavia Carcani and Allison Martin

      After a long two weeks, our time at Grand Junction has finally come to a close.  We woke up at the crack of dawn ready to go to our last practice of camp.  Coach Ray wanted us to finish the full practice, so we stayed in an extra 15 minutes.  After practice, we headed to the dining hall for our last meal at Colorado Mesa University.  They finally brought back the infamous breakfast sausage, creating a lot of excitement.  On another exciting note, today was Hanna's 14th birthday!  Last night Coach Ray bought her a chocolate cake and candles, which served as the dessert for breakfast.  After breakfast, we loaded into cars and headed to Grand Junction Regional Airport.  When we arrived, we had no difficulty getting to the gates (there are only four).  An hour later we arrived in Denver and had about an hour and a half to eat lunch and rest before our next flight.  

      Coach Ray kindly gave his first class ticket to Coach Ruth as a token of appreciation.  She truly deserved it for her hard work and dedication to make this a successful trip.  At noon, we boarded our second flight from Denver to Dulles.  The flight attendants surprised Hanna with a slice of cake which she gladly ate.  The flight is relatively long, so to pass the time Grace and Flavia engaged in some FPPT, also known as Finger Puppet Party Time (if you know you know).  Unfortunately not all of the swimmers had enjoyable flights.  Allison was sitting next to a crying baby and was exhausted upon exiting the plane.  

      Overall, the trip was very successful and a lot of fun!