SRST News: Week of 7-9-18

Hello SRST Family,

Abbreviated News For The Week:

  1. AM at Forest Park is canceled for the rest of the season.
  2. Sat. workout: "YES"

  3. Sunday workouts: "NO"....No more Sunday workouts this season.
  4. Coach Cody is covering SAC Seniors Wed-Sat. while Ben and Kaela are in Oregon for Sectionals.
  5. Coach Darrell is covering Mariner AG2/Senior Wed-Fri. at Mariner.
  6. Mark Prothero meet is this weekend.  The pre-meet email has gone out.  Parents please note we have a timer assignment and you can reserve your timer spot by emailing Coach Ben.  We will need everyone to help please.
  7. Ben and Kaela leave for Oregon on Wed.  Reminder to Seniors:  Bring in signed paperwork and check by Tuesday at the latest.
  8. Reminder:  The final day of the season is Aug. 3.  There is no extra fee in Aug. (no monthly fee is charged and the couple days in Aug. are included in the July payment).
  9. 2018-2019 Registration will go live in mid-Aug.  An email will go out at that time.  We will register online again (no paperwork).  
  10. Reminder to Senior PNS swimmers:  Enter the meet now.
  11. 14 & Under PNS swimmers:  The meet file is still not up....stay tuned.
  12. Join our Facebook Group:  CLICK HERE

That's all for now!

Coach Ben