Weekly Update - 7/8 to 7/14


Dear Parents and Guardians:

WOW! I can't believe we are already at CHAMPIONSHIP week. We all have a lot to be proud of already. The following email has some important information about Championships and what we need from each family regarding the awards banquet.

This Week:


7:30-8:30am (M-F) practice for 11 and up

8:30-9:30am (M-F) practice for 10 and unders

9:30-10:30am (M-TH) practice for Jr. Cudas (6 and unders)


Tuesday- Home meet with Idel Hour. This is our last home meet and we still need families signed up for jobs! Please contact Karen Pope if you are not already signed up and need a job

You will NOT be premitted in the pool until 5:15pm. Please enter through the main gate. ****However, if you are signed up to help set-up or you are a Jr. Coach, Board Member or coach then you will be premitted in the pool at 4:45pm and should enter by the gate at concessions. Set up workkers please report to the pump house at the back of the pool and helop drag items out to set on the lawn until the wistle is blown at 5pm, then we will being setting up. 

You should arrive for warm-ups by 5:15pm, so when the gates open you can get in. ALL SWIMMERS will be getting in the pool for warm-ups immediately at 5:15-5:20pm and will only warm-up for 15 minutes, SO PLEASE BE PROMPT! 

If you are signed up for a job, please make sure you are on time and checking in with Karen Pope. She will be wearing her bright yellow hat and will be ready to direct you where to go. It takes a village to run a swim meet and I am thankful for all you do! 


Championships are at West Carrollton this year. Warm-ups are from 6:45-7:05am, we have lanes 5-8 to warm-up in. Please arrive on time to get your swimmer in the water. I know it makes for a very long day, but it is very important that your swimmer gets to warm-up their muscles before racing. Also, we will need to make sure events with lanes and heats are written on the hands of EVERY swimmer to help clerk of course. We luckily have an early warm-ups and can make sure that this gets done after warm-ups and before the meet. 


At championships every year we recognize our swimmers who have just graduated from High School. If you have a graduated senior please send me the following information by Wednesday, July 11th to be read on the day of Champs!

1. Name of senior
2. School they graduated from and achievements
3. Years swimming and coaching
4. College and any scholarships or after high school plans

5. 1-2 sentences of advice/motto/favorite quote etc. IF there is enough time depending on how many seniors we have this will be included. If not just 1-4 will be announced at champs.