July 12-15 Schedule

Thursday 7/12
SR Performance/National NOT swimming at SR Seattle Open or Mark Prothero this day 7:00-9:00AM @BC

SR Performance/National competing at Senior Seattle Open or Mark Prothero this day 8:00-10:00AM @Colman

Senior 3:15-5:15PM @BC

Prep 3:15-5:15PM @BC

Champ 1:15-3:15PM @BC

Regional 1:15-3:15PM @BC

Friday 7/13
Senior Performance/National NOT competing on Friday at Mark Prothero 8:00-10:00AM @Colman (Yes, if you are swimming at Seattle Open you count as a ‘non-Prothero’ kid and will be here for this practice.)

Senior, Prep, Champ, Regional OFF

Divisional, Orange, Gold, Silver, Bronze NOT competing at Mark Prothero 1:30-2:30PM @BC

Saturday 7/14 and Sunday 7/15
For those of you competing at a meet, please go to your respective meet’s warmup.  
For those of you not competing at either meet, please enjoy your weekend off!