BLST Apparel Sale on Tuesday, July 10!

This year's and previous year's apparel will be sold at Splashdown in the pavilion where concessions are sold during our home swim meets - on Tuesday, July 10th. While your child(ren) are having their pictures taken, come take advantage of great sale prices of previous year's apparel items. Cash or Check only.

Team towels: $30. First come, first serve - only 10 left!
This year's t-shirts: XL and larger - $15.00
Window Clings: $3.00
Latex swim caps: $5.00
Silicone swim caps: $12.00
Shopping bags: $4.00
We have the following swim suits available for $10 each from previous years:
Boys 22, 24 and 32
Girls 26
Also available on SUPER SALE: 
Cooling towels - $3.00
Previous year's t-shirts - $5.00 
Magnets $3.00 or 2 for $5.00
Baseball caps: $3.00
Previous year's silicone caps $2.00