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WE HAVE POSTED OUR EVALUATION SCHEDULE . . . so please pass that on to interested families. Our Next Evalutation is TODAY! NOVA families are our best salespeople!! Here it is in convenient front page of NN format. 

We remind current NOVA families that we can evaluate siblings at any time. It is not necessary for current NOVA families to attend an evaluation.


CHAMPIONSHIP MEET DEADLINES  . . . are fast approaching and they are deserving of everyone’s respect. Late entries are possible but costly. These are not NOVA’s meets so NOVA’s well known policy of mercy will have no impact here. With OME (on-line meet entry) meets like Senior Champs and Age Group Champs, the NOVA website entry will need to be transferred from the NOVA site to the actual meet entry so it is technically not a “live” entry page. Nevertheless, it does let coaches know that parents wish swimmers to be entered.


AND CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS FOLLOW THOSE MEET DEADLINES . . . with the first of those, Summer Awards, occurring this coming weekend. Because part of our coaching staff is attending this weekend’s offering, practice schedules will be affected. Please check the website or read any practice update e-mails your child’s coach may send. Website updates should be posted by Wednesday.


SENIOR SWIMMER MICHAEL WOOD DREW SOME HEADLINES - OR TV COVERAGE - . . . for a rescue he performed at Raintree Swim and Racquet Club while life guarding there. NN salutes Michael for a job well done! 



WARM WEATHER WARNINGS FOR THE WISE . . . . We all love summer - warmer weather, the wonderful growing season, the earlier dinners and the increased family time. Here are some heads-ups from the coaching staff that might make your summer swimming experience more pleasant and more effective:

Swimmer’s ear prevention: A 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar will do the trick. All a couple of drops to each ear during the more humid spring and summer months and that bit of unpleasantness and expense will be avoided.

Use sunscreen - carelessness can bring unnecessary ouch to a practice.

Wear sandals or shoes. A cut toe, a skin flap, a significant slice can be highly annoying when exposed to the movements and length of a practice

Hydration. Thirst is a sign of dehydration. The practice performance of dehydrated swimmers will suffer. Drink 8-12 ounces before going to bed to battle any creeping dehydration. Bring a large water bottle to practice!!



SUMMER ALSO HAS ITS STEADY DOSE OF UNSETTLED WEATHER . . . in the form of thunderstorms. We have a grounded pool and practices will proceed without being interrupted by the sound of distant thunder. We do evacuate the pool when a storm is right on top of us as an extra precautionary measure. As soon as the storm has passed, we will get back in. We have no mandatory 30 minute policy as many summer pools do.


OUR COACHING STAFF’S EXPRESSED GOAL . . . is to answer e-mails promptly. If promptly isn’t possible because we are on-deck, working out, or out to dinner, for example, we aim to answer inside a 24 hour cycle. That 24 hours or less goal applies to the M-F workweek and some coaches extend that to include Saturday AM. A weekend e-mail may not get answered until Monday; a vacation e-mail may not get answered until a staff member returns from vacation. When we are on-deck or at a meet, that “prompt” response cycle may also be interrupted. Hope this clarification helps.


PERUSE OUR LIST OF COLLEGE-BOUND SENIORS AND YOU WILL NOTE THE PRESENCE OF SOME IMPRESSIVE SCHOOLS . . . . We are delighted to announce the following future destinations. Our rule here is simple: we need to know before a name is added to this list. Drop coach Geoff a line if you are a senior, have a destination and aren’t on this list. NN regrets to reveal that it has never been any better than its sources.


THE COACHING STAFF IS ALWAYS LOOKING TO IMPROVE THE MEET ENTRY PROCESS . . . both for parents and for our meet management folks. Each meet entry is posted and coaches strongly request that parents either accept or decline a meet entry. We do aim to accommodate late entries whenever possible but that means extra work for our meet entry team. So please let us know your intentions for meets listed for your swimmer’s training group.  Just log in, find the appropriate meet and let us know your intentions. The coaching staff will also often send reminder e-mails as meet deadlines approach.


PARENTS BE ADVISED THAT CHILDREN PLAYING OUTSIDE THE BUILDING ARE NOT UNDER THE SUPERVISION . . . of any NOVA staff member.  If your child plays outside and that is OK with you, please remind them that ours is a “trafficked” parking lot and that swiftly darting young children should be wary of the driving lanes.  On the other hand, we are asking that all parents be especially vigilant when you enter our parking lot.  On a slightly related note, please respect the handicap parking places.  I know folks like to use these spaces for picking up swimmers but they are there to provide easy access for handicapped or special needs swimmers and visitors.  We appreciate your support!



BEFORE DONATING ELSEWHERE . . . check with the staff to see if NOVA has a need. For example, re-doing your kitchen? Have a decent refrigerator? Consider taking the tax write-off and helping NOVA. We have three such refrigerators here at NOVA but we are always looking to update. Thanks !


WE HAVE THE NOVA FLAT HAT BULLETIN BOARD . . . that traces, through pictures, the travels of NOVA families and their NOVA caps. I thought it would be fun to see NOVA’s international bloodlines. Here is the rule: only parents and children count. So parents or children have to be first generation here in the United States.  Here’s what we have gathered - I suspect we have more. And I proved to be right after many long months, then a very short week of waiting!! Now 35 countries and counting! Denmark became our latest proud addition to our point of origin list. Don’t hold out on us regarding your point of origin if you’re not on this list!











Czech Republic















Seychelles Bosnia & Herzegovina


South Africa

Sri Lanka


The Philippines



E-mail Coach Geoff with any additions. I suspect we will have an amazing NOVA tapestry when we are done.

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