Mid-Week Reminders

Hey Stonebridge,

  1. Don't forget to sign up for the Family Relays (https://goo.gl/forms/yM7o3EH8MMLZDdHw2) and Potluck (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aejA5UfNSz7OxwrsWbwKFJOE1WbJVftI6lQ9Ij7F8To/edit#gid=0) for Thursday's evening of fun! There will be no afternoon practice Thursday. The fun will start with Family Relays at 6:00PM and then transition over to our potluck by the picnic benches. At 8:00PM the pool will be closed to general members and we will be having raft night! 
  2. Also, reminder that Friday afternoon we will be having practice at its regularly scheduled time in lieu of a spirit event. 
  3. Finally, looking ahead, B Superstars and Divisionals are next week! These meets are the championship meets for the season.
  • Divisionals will be held on Saturday, July 21st and is by coaches invite only. This meet selects the top two swimmers in each age group to compete against all the teams within Division E. 
  • B Superstars will be held at Woodcliffe on Wednesday, July 18th, beginning with a preteam kickboard race. The meet is open to all swimmers who compete in one event or less at Divisionals. Swimmers may swim in a maximum of two events plus IM. Registration for this meet is via parent signup on the website, with signups for the B Superstars opening this weekend and closing Monday at midnight. We HIGHLY encourage swimmers to sign up for this meet! 


Coach Kenny