Summer State job duties - signup available


Thank you all for the amazing help tonight at the swim meet.  We have a very small group but continue to run the best meets out there!  

For State each family will need to sign up for 4 things, these things are 1 - a food/drink item, 2 - a preliminary meet duty, 3 - a finals meet duty, (there are some "combined" duties, if you choose one of these they count for both prelim and finals) 4 - a cleaning duty.  If you are unsure of what duties you need to sign up for please feel free to contact me by replying to this email.  

The times listed on the sheets are either a guestimate of when these particular items will take place, or just a "place holder" as the time field is required when we set-up these duties.  PLEASE DO NOT use them as your guide for when you will be done with a job duty.

Have a wonderful evening and we look forward to a wonderful GATOR State meet!