End of Season Wrap up
What a wonderful evening we had for our End of Summer Season party last night!
Big shout out to the staff at the CAC for making our party FANTASTIC! Thanks to al of their lifeguards for making sure we had fun and be safe doing so. MOD Josh Birk you ROCK!
Thank you to all of the parents and grand parents for just jumping in and helping out with the party from set up, serving food, helping swimmers, to clean up duty. You are the reason our team is the BEST!
Welcome to all of the new swimmers that joined the WAVES recently. We welcomed a new family last night...make sure to say hi to Chase who will be joining the Tidal Waves competitive group in the Fall.
Enjoy the pictures from some of the meets with our parents and Team Nana, and our End of the Season party.
To our Coaching Staff..
Coach Eli stepped up in a big way the entire summer but yesterday was triple duty... ran the 7-9:15am LCM swim practice, did errands for the team including buying all of the awesome Trivia question prizes, picked up food, plates, etc. Worked the PM practice starting with dry land 4:15p, ran LCM swim practice all the way through 6:45p, helped set up the party, clean up the party and made sure to speak to every swimmer there! Thanks Coach Eli!
Coach Katerina and her family has been busy for days getting prepared for the feast! Coach Katerina ran all over Cumming buy the meat and spices for our party! Her husband Joe cooked the meat! Her children Lexi, Nate and Maddie (esp. Lexi prepared the "rub" for the meat) gathered ingredients, helped with cooking, transporting the delicious B-Que to us! Mean while Coach Katerina was busy with swim evals, swim practice, sending potential swimmers emails, set up, clean up and more! Thanks Coach Katerina!
**Who LOVED that delicious B-Que?!
You too can have that delicious B-Que cooked for your party. For more info on how to have Smoky Joe's B-Que at your next event contact Delicious food, great quality and someone that we all know! Thanks JOE!!
Coach Ranee...more talents just keep coming from Coach Ranee! If you ever have a moment to sit down and talk to Coach Ranee take advantage and do so. Who would have known that Coach Ranee's family had a catering business in the past...I did not even know that. She was in charge of making sure the dessert was ready to be served yesterday and she did a fantastic job with getting cakes and pies individual ready. She assisted with practice, helped finish up with the ribbon awards, set up, and always stays and cleans up. Thanks Coach Ranee!
When you get a moment stop by and see our Team Mom Sara...LOL I bet you thought I would say sign up for swimming but you are wrong...Let her know how much you appreciate her hard work on the pool deck, officiating for the CWGA WAVES swim meets, planning and setting up parties and all the work she helps me with to keep the WAVES running smoothly!
CWGA swimmers... What a GREAT season we had! Everyone showed your strengths in the water and even gained new strengths in and out of the water. It was a competitive season filled with hard work from you and the coaches. I always tell you that the work you put into practice is what you will receive when you stand alone behind a block. With that said I think these stats say it all....
-Sent 21 swimmers to District - all 21 swimmers with represent District 7 in the GRPA State Meet to be held at our home pool CAC! Thomas Alberga, Owen Brubaker, Logan Corneiison, Levi Cragle, Nate Flanders, Daniel Gonzalez, Mackenzie Hatton, Abigail Hutcheson, Hannah Ki, Jenna Ki, Marina Mackinnon, Alli Martin, Alay Modi, Jack Murdock, Rachel Murdock, Evie Parke, Maggie Parke, Liam Parke, Shravya Prakash, Carys Rountree, and Alex Winship.
-We have strong swimmers attending the 14U LCM Ga State meet to be held at Ga Tech - Abigail Hutcheson, Lexi Flanders, Ryder Eagen, and Alex Winship.
-4 swimmers will represent the CWGA Waves at SR State at UGA; Logan Cornelison, Abigail Hutcheson, Cole Brubaker., and Natalie Allen.
-Natalie Allen will represent the CWGA Waves in Tucson, Arizona at the Para National Championships in December!
Wow! NO time to rest WAVES! WE have work to do:)
Thanks for a great season....see you at the pool
Coach Teresa