Thank you Bougie Center for Chiropractic & Alternative Medicine

We are excited to announce that the "Bougie Center for Chiropractic & Alternative Medicine" has become our first ever, corporate Sponsor.....

The Bougie Family (Dr. David Bougie, Cheryl, Chase & Tyler) have been part of our ECAC Family almost since day one.  We are greatful to Dr. David Bougie & the Bougie Center for the generous commitment to Sponsor our Team.  We feel that this partnership/Sponsorship will be Amazing in so many ways! Dr. Bougie will not only be providing a portion of the much needed extra funds, but also many of his various Services in the future.  Dr. Bougie has also graciously provided a 20% discount Voucher to all ECAC Families.  This Sposorship will help us with some of the costs that our team struggles to maintain, (Equipment, Team Tents, Swimmer Incentive, Swimmer Scholarships..) just to name a few.  We hope to return this generosity to the Bougie Center by telling all our friends and family about the Awesome Services that they provide.  We are definetly excited to have their support  and for all the great things to come in our future!  

Thank-You Bougie Center for investing in our children!

* If you, a family member, a friend or even if you know of a company that might be interested in being a potential Sponsor, we could always use the help!  A Sponsorship doesnt always have to be just monotary!

Thank you all Sooo much for all of your help and Support,

Nicole Cummings