Week 5A 2018 - Dolphins Break Records, Stroke All-Star Times

This morning was steaming but beautiful.  Members of the Somerset team toppled several records.  All had a good time—except for my five-year-old who does not understand why he hasn’t yet received a ribbon for swimming in the Mini Meet scheduled for    next Monday. The final score today for the “big kids”—as Auggie and I call them—was 338 to 451 in favor of Potomac.

Joey Panner and Delia Vanderzon led the team in first-place finishes, winning four events apiece (free, back, fly, and IM for their respective age groups). Phoebe Lewis won the 9-10 girls free, back, and breast. Dylan Reilly won the 8-and-under boys free, back, and breast. The eight additional swimmers with first-place finishes were Nata Freeman (11-12 breast), John Friedrich (11-12 breast), Ava Haraldsson (15-18 breast), Jessica Khanna (15-18 IM), Peter Kumar (11-12 free), Avery Mascott (9-10 fly), Mikey Panner (15-18 back), and Nicole Vanderzon (15-18 fly).


Ten Somerset swimmers achieved All Star times today. Delia Vanderzon was an all star in the 13-14 free, back, fly, and IM. Phoebe Lewis (free, back, breast), Joey Panner (IM, back, fly), and Dylan Reilly (free, back, breast) each achieved three all star times. Avery Mascott had all star swims in the 9-10 free and fly. And Leonardo Bracciale (8-and-under fly), Emmett Freeman (13-14 breast), Nata Freeman (11-12 breast), Samantha Smith (15-18 fly), and Nicole Vanderzon (15-18 fly) also made all star times.


No less than four team records were broken today. Dylan Reilly broke two of them. He broke a 38-year-old record in the 8-and-under boys freestyle event. He also broke his own record in the 8-and-under breast. Phoebe Lewis set a new team record in 9-10 girls breast stroke. And Delia Vanderzon broke the team record in the 13-14 girls freestyle event.


Swimmers not already mentioned above who dropped time in their swims today include Elana Bilbao, Hayden Bitz, Gage Bolten, Laila Bracciale, Zara Bracciale, Danny Brown, Oskar Fortune, Zach Fox, Ella Gillespie, Jade Haraldsson, Miles Haraldsson, Jonas Hawkins, Sedona Hawkins, Kesh Khanna, Lucas Lopez Forastier, Julia Meddin, David Panner, Natalie Veksler, Annie Walker, Thomas Waltzman, Jessie Williams, Natalie Williams, June Zaft, and Olivia Zaft. 


Particular notable time drops belong to Danny Brown who dropped around 16 seconds in both his back and IM and approximately 2 seconds in his fly and to Sedona Hawkins who dropped time in all four of her swims, including time drops of around 5 seconds in three events. Sedona also “swam up” in all of her events today, taking on the 13-14 girls as an 11-year-old. Other notable time drops include: (i) Zara Bracciale who dropped close to 3 seconds in her backstroke and more than 6 seconds in her breaststroke; (ii) Zach Fox who dropped more than 3 seconds in freestyle and almost 4 seconds in fly; (iii) Jade Haraldsson who dropped more than 7 seconds in her fly; (iv) Kesh Khanna who dropped more than 2 seconds in his fly; (v) Lucas Lopez Forastier who dropped more than 2 seconds in his backstroke; (vi) Thomas Waltzman who dropped close to 2 seconds in his freestyle; and (vii) Olivia Zaft who dropped 2 ½ seconds in her backstroke.