BB & Above LCM Champs Meet Summary!

BB & Above LCM Champs Meet Summary!

Select Swim had a spectacular weekend at the Westside Aquatic Center! Although most swimmers did not rest for BB & Above Long Course Meters Championship Meet, we saw time drops across the board. As we go into championship season, we attend more prelims/finals meets, which allows the swimmers some great learning opportunities for adjusting race strategies and how to prep for swimming more events. We would like to give a special shout out to Abby Caspari, who achieved her first American Long Course cut in the 50 Freestyle!! Here are the highlights:

Abby Caspari
200 IM-dropped 2.21s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 4.72s
100 Freestyle-dropped 0.75s
200 Breaststroke-dropped 2.03s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.56s
Amelia Costantini
200 Breaststroke-dropped 6.39s
Joseph Choi
100 Backstroke-dropped 1.21s
Jack Easton
200 Backstroke-dropped 2.08s prelims to finals
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.06s prelims to finals
100 Butterfly-dropped 1.29s prelims to finals
100 Backstroke-dropped 0.33s prelims to finals

Rachel Easton
200 IM- dropped 4.02s
400 Freestyle-dropped 8.81s
200 Breaststroke-dropped 11.77s
200 Freestyle-dropped 2.28s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.71s

Emma Gnidziejko
200 IM-dropped 10.58s
400 Freestyle-best time
100 Freestyle-dropped 3.59s
Liesl Heil
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.36s
Hailey Jones
100 Freestyle-dropped 4.46s
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.29s
Eleanna Martinez
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.22s
200 Freestyle-dropped 3.91s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.77s
Kyndle Paton
50 Backstroke-dropped 3.65s, won swim off
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.43s
Andi Spiride
200 Backstroke- dropped 3.61s prelims to finals
Vivek Sundararaman
200 Backstroke-dropped 1.05s
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.84s
200 Freestyle-dropped 1.23s
100 Backstroke-dropped 2.42s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.91s
Austin Urbine
200 Freestyle-3.51s
100 Backstroke-best time
Michael Zhao
200 Backstroke-dropped 4.98s
100 Freestyle-dropped 0.79s
100 Butterfly-dropped 4.24s
100 Backstroke-dropped 0.16s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.17s