Pre-Registration Update

Hello EMAC

If you are planning on swimming for EMAC this upcoming year, please read thoroughly.   We do not have our registration info done yet, but there are some things we need to communicate prior to the release of that info.

Our swimmers are performing well, our coaching staff is top-notch, and there is a buzz of excitement around our program.  EMAC has a large core of swimmers, coaches, and parents who are all working hard to continue our progress.   As a result, the interest in our program is increasing significantly.

It is possible that more swimmers will inquire into our team over the next month than we have room to serve.  As we grow, we will manage that growth responsibly being careful to not overcrowd the lanes, water-down the experience, or compromise our standards.

In this email we are communicating the following for the upcoming 2018-2019 Short Course Season:

a) Important Changes

b) Increased Team Membership Expectations

c) Team Goals

At the end of the email, we will also be explaining how we will be prioritizing our registration as we manage our growth and our available space.


  1. All new or returning (maybe you took the summer off) swimmers must fill out a
    “New Swimmer Inquiry” HERE
  2. All swimmers must compete in at least 3 meets plus a championship meet
  3. We will no longer have a fall and a winter registration.  Instead there is a Short-Course Season Registration for swimmers who will participate with the team through March (Championship Season, ie Middle Atlantic ...Bronze Champs, Silver Champs, JO’s, Senior Champs.  After short course season concludes, we will then have a Long-Course Season Registration.


  • All EMAC team members must compete in at least 3 meets.
  • All EMAC team members must compete fully in Champs.
  • It is strongly encouraged that swimmers compete in the appropriate December Meet.

A football player would never tell the coach, “hey...I want to play quarterback, but I can’t be here for the playoffs.” 


Short Course Goals:

  1. Place in the top-12 for MA in Virtual Club Championships - VCC or 150,000 points
  2. Win the SJAC Gator Classic
  3. Have at least 50 swimmers earn an IMX score
  4. Combined Men and Women top-8 at MA Senior Champs
  5. Have at least 40 swimmers attend Bronze Champs
  6. Have at least 90 swimmers attend Silver Champs
  7. Have at least 40 swimmers attend Senior Champs
  8. Beat the USA Swimming National Average for percentage time drop in all 5 strokes
  9. Have at least 8 EMAC swimmers qualify for PIAA States in individual events

Long Course Goals:

  1. Place in the top-8 for MA in VCC - 124,000 points
  2. Combined Men and Women top-5 at MA Senior Champs
  3. Combined Men and Women top-5 at LC Senior Zones
  4. Have at least 30 swimmers attend Senior Champs
  5. Have at least 60 swimmers attend Silver Champs


Current Members

  • “Current Members” are those members who are actively enrolled in a group for the 2018 summer session.
  • “Current Members” will be given registration priority over all others, provided that a) our current members will be able to meet the expectations of our team for the 2018-2019 season and b) our current members register by the deadline for “current members.”  This deadline will be communicated when we release our 2018-2019 Short Course Season Information.

New Members

  • “New Members” are those who are a) new to EMAC or b) swimmers who dropped out of EMAC and are returning to the team.
  • All “New Members” must fill out a “New Swimmer Inquiry” HERE
  • If you know someone who is interested in joining EMAC, please share with them the “New Swimmer Inquiry”


Why are “New Swimmers” and “Returning Swimmers” both categorized as “New Swimmers?”


It is not in our team’s best interest to hold spots for someone who is currently not participating with our team when we could otherwise fill that empty spot.  Over the next few seasons, we will reach capacity.  When a members relinquishes a spot, it will be filled.

Priority Factors

For this registration period, we will begin to use the following factors to determine how we will fill our shrinking number of available spots.  Please note that no single factor will be used to determine whether a potential member receives a spot. 

  • School District in which the potential member resides
  • The degree to which the swimmer meets the minimum ability standard for placement into a group
  • The availability of spots within the different training groups
  • The degree to which the swimmer will compete fully in our meet schedule
  • The degree to which the swimmer/family will help us reach our team goals
  • The degree to which the membership of the family will improve our ability to serve our membership
    • How will the participation of the family help EMAC to better serve its membership?
    • Is one of the parents an official?
    • Would they be willing to become an official?
    • Will a parent serve on our liaison committee?
    • Will the parents volunteer to help run our meets?
    • Does the parent have a skill or expertise that will benefit the team?

It is an exciting time to be part of EMAC.  Growth and continued progress bring new challenges and opportunities.  It is important for everyone to be aware of the challenges and opportunities that we will be facing as we begin nearing capacity.

The coaching staff is looking forward to finishing up champs, planning for the fall, and seeing what year-2 brings!!!