Splash - July 17
Ken Dunn: Thank You!
It is true it takes a village and many hands to make any project a success. 
Ken Dunn is a project of enormous proportions from many prospectives, and in true Crusader fashion we pulled together and made it happen. 
To the many who participated on deck ...
Our Coach: Michelle Wilson,
Records/ Score , timing , officials, and our very important runners. ....
To the Canteen Crew...
This was the most successful canteen to date...
To all those who helped in Hospitality... making meals, pick up & delivery ,donations and offering hands to help: we produced 1200 meals, snacks,  desserts and beverages in 4 days!! That is team work!
To the families of present membership and Alumni who brought willing hearts and hands to help where ever needed...
We offer a heartfelt "THANK YOU". =–
Ken Dunn also provided the venue in which we were able to recognize those who were important to our swimming community. 
We hosted a Celebration for Sheila Landry. The Families and officials who were able to attend were treated to Popsicles and many hilarious tales of times spent with Sheila.  
We also  participated in a Retirement party for Yarmouth's Coach, Ginny Smith.
Our actions speak louder than words. Our team has an infectious spirit that lifts people. We brought our particular brand of " Crusader" joy to Ken Dunn: it was noted, remarked on and appreciated. One official said "You have really raised the bar". It makes one proud to be a Dartmouth Crusader!
We are the "small team with a big heart". 
Enjoy your summer!
Many thanks!
Krista Chen