CMA Performs Well At Zone 5 LC Meet

CMA Performs Well At The Zone 5 Long Course Championships

Juniors and AG Gold:  We had 15 Junior and AG Gold swimmers compete in the Zone 5 LC Meet at the Olympic Training Center and it was a great weekend!  
From Juniors:  Kytelyn Pieper had one of the best meets of her life, with 100% (10!) best times and she achieved her first ever state cut, in the 200 breast!!! Grace Mehall swam 6 great best times, including a 14 second drop in her 200 breast for a new LC state cut!  Cardin Nguyen also achieved 6 best times, including swimming the LC 200 fly for the first time!  Kayla Bentley swam 5 best times and got a new state cut in her 200 IM!  Samantha Synsvoll achieved 5 best times, including swimming the LC 200 fly for the first time and dropping nearly 3 seconds in her 200 IM and 2+ in her 50 fly!  Alex Terhakopian swam 5 best times and got a new state cut in his 200 IM!  Jin White achieved 3 best times, including swimming the LC 200 IM and 200 breast for the first time.  Elam Estelladropped 4 seconds in his 100 fly and achieved a new state cut in the LC 200 IM - his first time ever swimming it!  Kellen McInelly swam 2 best times, including swimming the LC 200 free for the first time.  Sophia Mezei dropped 1.5 seconds in her 100 back. 
From AG Gold:  Lizzie Platte swam her first ever long course meet and she did great, with 5 new best times!  Zoe Harris swam 3 best times, including huge drops of 8.5 seconds in her 100 breast and 5 seconds in her 100 free!  David Terhakopian achieved 2 best times, including a 4 second drop in his 100 breast.  Elyse Eilmes dropped an amazing 6.5 seconds in her 100 free and William Bentley swam a best time in his 50 back. 

Seniors :  During the weekend after 4th of July our senior swimmers competed in the 2018 Colorado Zone 5 Long Course open, with several of our swimmers looking to get new state cuts. Ysa Carrell collected her first 13-14 state cut and went on to get 3 of them at the meet. Amaya Porter and Michael Mehall both added another state cut each, so that CMA has 8 swimmers going to the 13&over State meet. For new best times from our senior swimmers, we had a collective 42 new best times. Leading the way was Ysa Carrell with 7 new personal best (50&100 free, 50/100/200 breast, 50 back and 200 IM), as well as Michael Mehall, who also had 7 new best times (50/100/200 free, 50&100 breast, 200 and 400 IM). Following closely behind with 5 new best times each were Amaya Porter (100 free, 50&100 breast, 50 back and 200 IM) and Forrest Buck (50&100 free, 50&100 fly and 50 back). Kambry Lightfoot finished the weekend with 4 new personal best (200 back, 200 IM, 400&800 free), and she was matched by Isaac Eilmes (50 back, 50 fly, 50 free and 400 free). Ritarka Samanta clocked in three new best times (50 back, 100 breast and 50 free). Rounding out the meet with 2 new personal best we had Caroline Bricker (200 fly and 200 back), Kaelyn Hinesly (200 back and 200 free) and Bethany Slivka (50 free and 100 fly).