Proposals for MT Swim Fall Meeting Due August 1

Montana Swimming General Chair Tony Popp announced today that anyone wishing to submit a proposal to be considered at the Montana Swimming Fall House of Delegates meeting must submit proposals by no later than 11:59 pm on Wednesday August 1, 2018. Submit proposals by e-mail to Tony Popp.

The fall HOD meeting is Sunday, October 7 at the Butte YMCA.

Proposals should be submitted using the following format  WORD  or as written below:

Montana Swimming – Guidelines for Submitting Proposals             Amended May 2018

Proposals to amend, replace, or change MTS Policies & Procedures Manual shall be submitted to the MTS General Chair per the following guidelines:

  1. Note the deadline for submitting your proposal – Usually August 1st
  2. State your proposal clearly in a sentence or two

Proposal for Fall HOD 2018: I propose MTS provide pie and ice cream to officials and coaches at every championship meet.

  1. State your reason/rational for making the proposal

Rational: Officials and coaches need energy to perform their duties during meets as they often get very little breaks and spend serious time on the hard, hot pool deck. Homemade pie contains love and appreciation and ice cream just has to go with pie. The sugar contained in each (although cancer and other inflammatory disease causing) will help keep the officials and coaches amped up, so they can better conduct their duties of raising their hand or clicking their stop watches.

  1. State the section (if any) of the Policies/Procedure Manual which will be replaced

This will replace section XYZ.765-39 of the Policies and Procedure Manual providing greasy pizza to officials and coaches at championship meets

  1. State any other sections of the P&P which may be affected

This proposal will also affect section ABC.987 of the P&P manual requiring officials to wear white polo shirts

  1. State when you would like this proposal to go in to effect

This proposal should go in to effect beginning all MTS championship meets after State SC, 2021.

  1. State if you are willing to accept suggestions to amend your proposal

I am not willing to accept suggestions to amend this proposal. OR I will attend the Fall HOD meeting and may accept suggestions to amend this proposal.

  1. State your name, team, position held in MTS, date submitted

Respectfully submitted Dr Mickey Mouse, Super Duper Swim Team, USAS Official, 7/17/2020

If you submit a proposal, but do not attend the meeting, the proposal will be voted on as submitted without option of amending.

If these guidelines are not followed the executive board has the option to disqualify the proposal.  The author will be notified of the missing section(s).