Good evening everyone!

This past weekend LSAC teammates competed at the STAGS Championship meet in San Antonio and exploded for several monster swims. STAGS (South Texas Age Group Swimming) is a prelim-finals championship meet that features teams from an area covering Belton to Brownsville; swimmers participating in this meet must have swam a STAGS-Qualification time to be eligible to compete at this level.

On the ladies side Charlotte Brusseau led the way finishing no lower that 5th in all her finals swims. Her efforts contributed to 55 points of the COMBINED 145 LSAC points scored by all LSAC girls in attendance! WAY TO GO CHARLOTTE!!

Antonia Leese dropped another 2 seconds to dip even further below the sectional qualification time with a runner-up finish in the 100 breast AND A NEW 13-14 TEAM RECORD!! Antonia also added an 8th place finish in the 200 breast. Not to be outdone Arianna Frederick turned up to throw down a 6th place finish in the 100 free and a 4th place finish in the 50 free en-route to her first ever Sectionals Qualification time in the 50 Free AND A NEW 13-14 TEAM RECORD!! To round out the girls side Sophia Trinh added a 7th place finish in the 100 breast and 4th in the 50 breast and will move on to TAGS in the latter.

On the male side Noah Bose raced in 4 finals appearances to score 56 of the boys 278 points highlighted by his 200 free—in typical Noah fashion he raced his way to the TAGS time in both the 200 free AND the 100 free in a single race!

Zach Moser showed out racing his way to 6th place finishes in both the 100 fly and 50 free leaving with TAGS qualification in both events. Jayden Yue added a 3rd place finish in the 100 back and a runner-up finish in the 50 back. Jake McGill highlighted his meet winning the 100 free consolation final and 6th place finishes in both the 200 and 50 free. Jaxon Kurio turned in a 10th place finish in the 50 back and a 5th place finish in the 100 back and Skyler Yue closed in on the 11-12 boys team record in the 50 breast with a 7th place finish. To round out the boys side the 10 & under boys placed first in the 200 free relay. Jaxon Kurio, Jaden Yue, Noah Bose, and Jake McGill combined to post a NEW 10 & UNDER TEAM RECORD!!

Over all we placed 11th out of 29 teams! Great racing this weekend everyone! Up next is the Jr STAGS meet taking place will take place this Friday-Sunday in San Antonio. We hope to see more kids race their way into the record books! Keep on doing what you do and making everyone proud to represent LSAC!


Coach Dax


LSAC Swimmers of the Meet

Jake McGill—Following a fantastic short course Jake is knocking on the door of TAGS in nearly every event and already has his name all over the LSAC Record Books. His 50 free was something special and was a true indicator of success to come.


Antonia Leese—With a newly minted commitment to “swimming in the moment” Antonia has gone from “barely making TAGS” to “Record Breaking performances.”  Her 100 breaststroke has been on fire and she currently ranks 70th amoung 13 year old girls in the country.

Results and All-Time Rankings

10 & Under

  • 200 Free Relay—1st—TAGS—TEAM RECORD
    • Jaxon Kurio, Noah Bose, Jaden Yue, Jake McGill
  • 200 Medley Relay—3rd
    • Jaxon Kurio, Jaden Yue, Noah Bose, Jake McGill
  • Noah Bose
    • 50 Fly—9th—TAGS—AA—4th All-time
    • 100 free—4th—TAGS—AAA—4th All-time
    • 200 Free—2nd—TAGS—AAAA—2nd All-time
    • 100 Fly—4th—AA—4th All-time
    • 50 Free—3rd Prelims—AAA—4th All-time
    • 200 IM—5th Prelims—AA—6th All-time
  • Charlotte Brusseau
    • 50 Fly—5th—TAGS—AAA—4th All-time
    • 100 Free—6th—AA—3rd All-Time
    • 100 Breast—5th—TAGS—AA—4th All-time
    • 200 Free—Prelims 5th—AA—7th All-time
    • 100 Fly—5th—TAGS—AAA—3rd All-time
    • 50 Free—10th Prelims—A—8th All-time
  • Daphne Hofkamp
    • 50 Fly—12th—A
  • Jaxon Kurio
    • 50 Fly—14th—A
    • 100 Free—13th—AA
    • 100 Back—5th—AA
    • 50 Back—10th—AA
  • Jake McGill
    • 100 free—9th—AAA—9th All-time
    • 200 Free—6th—AA—6thAll-time
    • 50 Free—6th—AA—5th All-time
  • Savina Smith
    • 50 Back—25th
  • Jaden Yue
    • 50 Fly—11th—AA—7th All-time
    • 100 Free—17th—A
    • 100 Back—3rd—TAGS—AAA—2nd All-time
    • 50 Back—2nd—TAGS—AAA—3rd All-time
    • 50 Free—10th Prelims—A



  • Sophia Trinh
    • 100 Breast—7th—AA—6th All-time
    • 50 Breast—4th—AA—5th All-time
  • Skyler Yue
    • 100 Breast—7th—A—4th All-time
    • 50 Back—12th—AA—6th All-time


  • Arianna Frederick
    • 100 Free—6th—AAA—2nd All-Time
    • 50 Free—4th—Sectionals—AAA—TEAM RECORD
  • Esteban Gamboa
    • 100 Back—25th—A—6th All-time
  • Marco Guzman
    • 100 Breast—22nd—A—5th All-time
    • 200 Breast—14th—AA—6th All-time
  • Antonia Leese
    • 100 Breast—2nd—Sectionals—AAA—TEAM RECORD
    • 200 Breast—8th—AA—3rd All-time
  • Zach Moser
    • 100 Back—10th—A—3rd All-time
    • 100 Fly—6th—A—2nd All-time
    • 50 free—6th—AA—5th All-time



  • Arianna Bose
    • 50 Free—37th—7th All-time
  • Ian Clennan
    • 200 Back—23rd—5th All-time
    • 400 IM—17th—6th All-time
  • Kaitlyn Kurowski
    • 100 Back—33rd—5th All-time
    • 100 Fly—35th—10th All-Time
    • 50 Free—36th—10th All-time
  • Lauren Leese
    • 400 IM—11th—A—2rd All-time
    • 200 Breast—15th—2nd All-time
    • 200 IM—25th—A—2nd All-Time


Sectional Qualifiers 2017-2018

Annie Wang

Arianna Frederick

Antonia Leese


TAGS Qualifiers LC 2018

Noah Bose

Jaxon Kurio

Jaden Yue

Jake McGill

Tyler Burchett

Charlotte Brusseau

Skyler Yue

Sophia Trinh

Arianna Frederick

Zach Moser

Antonia Leese

10 & Under Boys

  • 200 Free Relay
  • 400 Free Relay
  • 200 Medley Relay