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  • LST Yearly Practice Schedule: Beginning in the fall, there will be changes made to the yearly practice calendar. This calendar will take effect September 4, our first day back officially for the fall/winter season. This schedule can also be found under the “Group Calendars” tab on the website. As a reminder, this is simply an “at-a-glance” calendar and does not reflect days off for holidays, meets, other closures, etc… For the specific weekly/monthly calendar, those can also be found under the “Group Calendars” tab on the website.

  • Group Description: Beginning in the fall, there will be a new differentiation on what groups athletes will be placed in. Please review the below chart to ensure proper group registration for the fall season.






4th grade and under

John & Jen

Groups will be determined on current grade of athlete. Athlete grade level will go up effective beginning of the fall season. Each group will have 2 coaches assigned to the group. Groups will be divided internally based on ability and specific needs of the athletes at the group coaches’ discretion.


5th & 6th grade

Quincy & John


7th & 8th grade

TBD & Quincy


High School

Joel, Jen, Kris & TBD


  •   Team Gear: Beginning in the fall,  every athlete, every season will receive 3 team shirts, and a team suit after registration. These items will be built into every athlete’s membership with LST.


  • The last day of practice for all groups for the season will be Friday, August 3.

  • Fall Meet Schedule: Here is the most up to date fall meet schedule. This will also be available online under the “Group Calendars” link at the top of the LST homepage.

  • Age Group State: If you have qualified for this meet, it is assumed that you will participate in the meet fully. If that is not the case, please let your group coach know as soon as possible.

  • Divisional Championships: If you are planning on attending this championship meet (even if you don’t have qualifying times yet but would attend if you achieve the standards) please sign up on the website so we don’t miss any swimming opportunities for anyone.

  • Please be sure to check the CALENDAR on the website for the most up to date practice time and schedule information

  • Athlete events: There are several ways to see what your athletes are swimming at the meets you are signed up for. First, from now on there will be an “Athlete Entry Report” link on the meet page. Also, you may check the events in the “edit commitment” page once you click on the meet.


Coach’s Segment

I realize that there are a lot of changes coming with regards to scheduling, grouping, etc… As a club we are committed to the most high quality product we can provide for our membership. We (the coaching staff and board) feel that this is the best way to accomplish the vision we have for the future of LST. We feel it provides for a greater athlete experience and will promote growth and excellence among our membership.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc… please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at:, (317) 517-5348