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NEW Competitive Practice Group Structure for 2018-19

TYDE Swimmers & Families,

We are very pleased to introduce our new TYDE practice group structure for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.  Your TYDE staff has worked hard and with great care over the past months to assess the needs of the team and our swimmers as we look to the future.  After a careful review of all TYDE programs and practice groups by several coaches and senior staff, we decided it was time to realign our organization with an increased focus on the commitment level and competition goals of every swimmer in our program, along with age and ability.

So why the change? What do the new groups look like? How does this translate from our current "track" system? How will swimmers progress within the new structure? Answering all these questions in writing would make for a long and tedious email, and some important information might be missed or misunderstood. Instead, we've created 2 relatively short videos which will give an overview of the new structure and then walk you through the new information on the website so you can refer to it later in more detail. The 2 videos together take just over 15 minutes to watch and if you have any difficulty viewing either of them, please let us know. 

As stated in the videos, every swimmer has been evaluated and placed in a specific progression level and practice group for the 2018-19 season. You will be getting a personalized email next week with your swimmer's group assignment. Please be patient as we work through the list of swimmers and send these emails as quickly as possible.

Please click on the links below to learn all about our group structure for next season and as always we thank you for your continued support of our TYDE Swim Team.

2018-19 TYDE Group Structure Informational Video

Website Overview Video

Thank you,
Your TYDE Staff