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2018-19 Fee Structure for TYDE Competitive Swim Team

TYDE Swimmers & Parents,

The purpose of this email is to update you on TYDE’s fee structure for the 2018-19 Season and to explain how this structure complements the program we are developing together. Please carefully read through ALL the information below to fully understand how we arrived at the cost structure for the coming year.

Throughout this process we have worked to hear the comments, suggestions and concerns about our program, and swim teams in general.  We have tried to be thoughtful and intentional about the changes that are being made to help ensure longevity and success.

With regards to fee structure, the major feedback that we have received in recent years is that the parents of swimmers dedicated to attending meets would like to have their meet fees included in the monthly rate to make budgeting easier.  As you may already know, TYDE monthly fees have included most meets for National Track swimmers in past years, with the view that if meets are required, they should be included in the monthly cost.  We believe in this tradition because of the improved consistency and results coming from our most committed athletes, and because of the positive reviews provided from families.

Unfortunately, meet fees have steadily increased over the past few years as NC Swimming removed the cap on the maximum “per event” fee and many teams took this as an opportunity to increase their fundraising capabilities at large meets. Many of these meets are still incredible opportunities for our swimmers to compete against the best swimmers in their age group and we want to continue to attend these meets. At the same time, the increased cost has been a heavy burden on our team budget and we are forced to either increase the monthly fees or charge all meet fees separately.  In addition, USA Swimming has increased the cost of membership for each swimmer and that requires an increase to our annual registration fee.

Keeping all this in mind, we carefully reviewed the amount of practice time and the anticipated meet schedule for each progression level to determine the fee structure for the upcoming swim year.

Under the new TYDE structure, as you have all seen, regular participation in meets is expected and is a key part of the program for all Silver, Gold and Platinum Level swimmers and we don’t want individual meet costs to be a deterrent to meet attendance for these groups. Therefore, we will honor our part of that commitment by including meet fees for recommended meets for Silver, Gold and Platinum swimmers in your monthly dues. There may be optional meets on the schedule that will require a separate charge and this will be clearly explained in the meet information for each meet. PLEASE READ THE MEET INFORMATION CAREFULLY FOR EVERY MEET TO DETERMINE IF THE FEE FOR THAT MEET IS COVERED BY THE TEAM FOR YOUR SWIMMER.

While some amount of meet participation is required at all Competitive levels, Bronze families will continue to enjoy lower monthly program fees, with meet fees charged at a separate and per event rate, as swimmers get adjusted to the Competitive Swim Team environment.  We will ensure that Bronze swimmers have an affordable, convenient and progressive meet schedule that includes intrasquad, local and regional YMCA Competition. 

Program Fees for 2018-19 are as follows:

  • BRONZE – Registration Fee - $100
    • Bronze 1 - $80/mo
    • Bronze 2 - $90/mo
    • Bronze 3 & 4 - $100/mo
  • SILVER – Registration Fee - $150
    • Silver 1 - $115/mo
    • Silver 2 - $125/mo
    • Silver 3 & 4 - $145/mo
  • GOLD – Registration Fee - $150
    • Gold 2 - $175/mo
    • Gold 3 & 4 - $195/mo
  • PLATINUM – Registration Fee - $150
    • Platinum 3 & 4 - $215/mo

A few additional important notes regarding Program Fees:

  • Open Doors (Financial Assistance) discounts are available to anyone who qualifies.  An application, along with some financial documentation, is required so please contact for more information.
  • Program fees for all TYDE Competitive programs will be charged September 2018 – July 2019.  No fees will be charged for August for any swimmer who has continued through the summer program.
  • Bronze level swimmers will be able to commit on a per-day basis for all meets to ensure you are only paying for what you can attend.
  • Silver, Gold & Platinum level swimmers, please remember, there may be some meets that TYDE participates in than cannot be fully covered by your monthly dues.  These will be noted in advance in the meet information and attendance will NOT be required for these events.

If you have any questions, we hope that you will feel free to reach out to myself, Bob or Leann with any questions or concerns.  If you have questions about your specific billing situation, please contact Leann or one of her Admin Staff in the TYDE office. It is our hope that this will help many of you feel more comfortable and excited going into the new season and beyond with TYDE.

Best Regards,