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2018-19 TYDE Academy Information
TYDE 2017-18 Prep Academy Families,
As you may have heard, TYDE is undergoing a restructuring of our Competitive Swim Team and we've been busy putting all those details in place for the 2018-19 season. TYDE Academy will remain much as it was in 2017-18, organized in sessions with specific start and end dates, each registered and paid for separately, to provide the greatest possible flexibility for your swimmers.
The following email will outline the options for all Academy Groups being offered, as well as the options for joining a Competitive practice group if your swimmer is interested and ready. If your swimmer already moved to a competitive group last season and received a group assignment email, I apologize for the duplicate information. However, you may find the information useful if you are still weighing your swimmer's options for the upcoming season.
Junior Prep Academy:
We will again offer Jr Prep Academy at 11 locations throughout the association, for swimmers 12 & under who can swim at least one length of the pool freestyle and one length backstroke. Swimmers will learn breaststroke and butterfly, as well as improve their overall fitness and stroke technique. These introductory level practice groups will be offered in 5 week sessions, the first one starting on August 27, and each session will conclude with a low-key intrasquad meet or a stroke clinic. 
Senior Prep Academy:
This is the equivalent of Jr Prep Academy for swimmers 13 years and older, who can swim at least TWO lengths of the pool freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers will learn breaststroke and butterfly as well as improve their overall fitness and stroke technique. Sr Prep Academy will also be offered in 5 week sessions, the first one starting on August 27, and will include the end-of-session meet or stroke clinic. For the first 2 sessions, Sr Prep Academy will only be offered at Fulton YMCA, while High School Prep Academy (see below) will be offered at various locations. We will re-evaluate how many locations will have Sr Prep Academy from November to March based on interest and lane space at each site. 
High School Prep Academy:
For swimmers who want to prepare for the high school swim season without participating in meets, we will offer an 8 week session of High School Prep Academy from September 4 - October 26, at several YMCAs throughout the area. For those familiar with Coach Bob's Swim Gear Seasonal program, the High School Prep group at the Winston Lake YMCA will be very similar to that. 
Summer Prep Academy:
In the spring we will again offer a Summer Prep Academy group which will be very similar to the TYDE/Swim Gear Summer Prep group we had this past March and April. It will run from March 4-May 2 for swimmers who can swim 3 of the 4 competitive strokes and are looking to either continue swimming after high school season or get ready for summer league season. Summer Prep Academy will be divided into 2 age groups, Junior Summer Prep for 9-12 year old swimmers and Senior Summer Prep for 13 & older.
For more information about specific practice groups and schedules at each site, go to and look under the Sites/practices tab. 
TYDE Competitive Swim Team:
For those swimmers who are interested in moving to a competitive practice group and participating in meets this season, please review the new structure by clicking on and watching the videos linked below. 

2018-19 TYDE Group Structure Informational Video

Website Overview Video

If your swimmer is interested in moving to a competitive group this fall, you have the following options:

  • If he/she was ever recommended for or participated in Competitive this past season, you are welcome to sign them up for Competitive-Bronze this fall. 
  • If you aren't sure if they are ready, you are welcome to email their coach from this past year or questions@swimtyde.organd ask for a recommendation.
  • You are also welcome to bring your swimmer to an evaluation before registering. We have a calendar of new swimmer placements on by clicking on the JOIN THE TYDE TEAM page. You are welcome to attend any placement to receive a recommendation on the best practice group for your swimmer for this upcoming season.
TYDE Academy fees for 2018-19 are as follows:
  • Junior Prep (5 wk session - 3 practices/wk): $85/session for Y mbrs, $115/session for potential mbrs
  • Senior Prep (5 wk session - 3 practices/wk) : $95/session for Y mbrs, $125/session for potential mbrs
  • High School Prep (8 wk session - 4 practices/wk) : $150/session for Y mbrs, $180/session for potential mbrs 
  • Summer Prep (8 wk session - 4 practices/wk) : $150/session for Y mbrs, $180/session for potential mbrs 
TYDE Competitive fees for 2018-19 were emailed and explained to competitive swim families this week. Please click on the 2018-19 TYDE Competitive Fee Structure to see those details.
We are modifying the registration process slightly for the 2018-19 season and there will be 2 steps to the registration process for all returning TYDE Academy and TYDE Competitive swimmers.


  1. Please complete and submit the 2018-19 TYDE Registration Form linked below. Submitting this form will reserve your swimmer’s spot in the practice group of your choice until online billing registration opens early next week. After that date you must complete both the registration form and online billing to reserve a spot in a specific group.
  2. After we have verified your YMCA billing information, we will email you the link and instructions to complete the billing registration online for the specific group your swimmer chooses. You will receive this link after program billing opens early next week.


If your swimmer is ready to sign up for the upcoming season, simply click on the link below to start the process.


2018-19 TYDE Registration Form


Last but not least, if you have friends, neighbors or family members who are interested in learning more about TYDE or having their swimmer evaluated and placed in a group for the upcoming season, please have them go to and click on JOIN THE TYDE TEAM for a calendar of upcoming placements and a link to sign up to attend.
We look forward to another exciting year of TYDE swimming and as always, if you have any questions, please email Bob, Nathan or Leann for more information.