Booster Club Announcement

 Our new Booster Club is in place with the following team;

Carl Baber Officials and Safe Sport Director

Corrine Chan  Fundraising Director

Melinda Dickie-Meet Director

Kristin Gimelli Hemme-Secretary

Nicole Leary-Social Director

Shane Stender-Marketing/Communications Director 

Darcy Leary-Bignayan-Volunteer Director

Laurie Robbins-Booster Club President  


What to expect over the upcoming weeks 

  1. Booster Club area in the website-this is where you will find all booster information.  Volunteer area, contact info for Booster Team etc. 
  2. Lead Positions-We will be posting lead positions for families to sign up for.  These lead positions are roles that occur throughout the year, and work with our Booster Director of the specific role (hospitality lead, pool reps, apparel lead etc).  Watch for this in the next week or so. 
  3. Booster Club Meetings-Our first meeting will be a planning meeting, focusing on our initiatives and budget for the upcoming season, after that, we will set Monthly meetings that will have agenda's and meeting minutes posted.  Families that are interested in attending can contact our secretary for location and date information.