Amberjax End of Summer Break/ Placement Swim Dates

With the end of the long course summer season rapidly approaching, we will have the following breaks at our various locations for our age group and senior programs. Masters practices are still on as scheduled.

Placement swims for new swimmers will be on Wednesday, August 8 at Cecil Field and Thursday, August 9 at Episcopal. JCDS placement swim dates are still to be determined. If you have any questions about placement swims email Head Coach, Martin Zubero, at 

We look forward to seeing everyone back this fall.


JCDS-                    Last Practice Friday, July 27th  (Silver, Bronze, and Garnet)             

                               Return For Fall- TBA but will be after the start of school at JCDS

                               Placement Swim Date- TBA 


Cecil Field-          Last Practice Thursday, July 26th (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Garnet)

                              Return For Fall- Thursday, August 9th

                              Placement Swim Date- Wednesday, August 8th 


ESJ-                      Last Practice Friday, July 27th  (Sr, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Garnet)

                              ** Futures Championship swimmers have regular practice until Tuesday, July 31

                              ** Masters swimmers have regular AM and PM practice

                              Return For Fall- Thursday, August 9th 

                                           Placement Swim Date- Thursday, August 9th