Announcements Going Into the August Break

Here’s all the news you need to know going into the FAST summer break – look for weekly updates to return sometime during the week of August 13 . . .

(1) Thank You to Our Volunteers Last weekend, we hosted the biggest swim meet I can recall in my time with FAST (going on 7 years now), and we did so with a skeleton crew of volunteers, with many of our regular volunteers away on vacation.  The meet ran on time, and the folks in the stands were all well-behaved, which is saying something, given the crowd and the heat both outside and inside.  There are many people who went above and beyond, and who pitched in long after having fulfilled their volunteer hours.  Thanks especially to the folks who brought home-made food for hospitality on Saturday and Sunday, and to Marcus and Aida Mitchell, who spearheaded getting FWISD to let FAST operate the concession stand, which brought us some income, and also ensures that there were reasonably healthy options for snacks for those in attendance (as opposed to nachos of questionable provenance).  Again, thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who helped make the meet a success!

(2) Sign up for the MAC End of Summer Meet – The last general meet of the summer is set for August 4 and 5.  It’s an OPEN meet, so anyone can swim, even if you’re just coming back from TAGS or Senior Circuit Champs.  And, they’re offering a 1000 Free on Sunday, so if you’ve been wanting to get that TAGS or Sectionals cut at the long distance, this is a great chance to do so.  Click HERE to go to the meet information page to see what events are being offered, and e-mail Ron directly at ASAP (like, TODAY) if you didn’t sign up and are now interested in participating. 

(3) Mark Your Calendars for the Summer Shutdown – We’ll be out of WGAC from Monday, August 6 through Monday, August 20, and will start back in the water on Tuesday, August 21 (the day after FWISD starts back).  Click HERE to view the calendar. 

See you at the pool!