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EDGE Goes 5-0 and Crushes it at Distance Meet

Our swamily continues to improve! Our team cheers continue to get louder, or cheering and enthusiasm throughout meets continues to improve, and our swimmers remain leaders in displaying top-notch sportsmanship! Well done, EDGE Swamily!

Week 5 was a buys one for our program. We had two fun and fast dual meets with Winooski on Tuesday, July 10th and with the Burlington Tennis Club, on Thursday, July 12th. We followed that up with a handful of our USA Long Course swimmers; Miles Cochrane, Esther Cuneo, Alexis Faith, and Ella Miller competing at Brown University for the 2018 New England Seniors Championships from July 12th-15th.  All swimmers at Seniors achieved at least one best time. Miles was a multiple finalist concluding an impressive year with many improvements. Ella is on the recovery path and bouncing back from a difficult set back. She placed 1st in prelims with her 100 backstroke, before ultimately finishing 4th. Impressive! Finally, our summer team wrapped things up by hosting the 2018 CVSL Go The Distance Meet where our team posted some impressive results!

Congratulations, EDGE Swamily, on advancing to 5-0 after a 265-77 victory over Winooski and a 280-212 victory over the Burlington Tennis Club.

To view full results for this meet, and all meets, visit the  EDGE Meets Results page under the EDGE Performance tab.


Vs. Winooski:

  • Charles Fahey: 9-10 Boys; Fly, Back, Free
  • Lula Andrae: 13-14 Girls; Fly, Breast, Free
  • Harry Sanders: 13-14 Boys; Fly, Breast, Free
  • Miles Cochrane: 15-18 Boys; Fly, Back, Free

Vs. BTC:

  • Ryley Morigeau: 8&U Girls; Fly, Back, Free
  • Heath Schnipke: 8&U Boys; Fly, Back, Free
  • Emma Main: 9-10 Girls; Fly, Back, Free
  • Charles Fahey: 9-10 Boys; Fly, Breast, Free
  • Marin Hemmett: 11-12 Girls; Fly, Back, Free
  • Lula Andrae: 13-14 Girls: Fly, Breast, Free
  • Ella Miller: 15-18 Girls; Fly, Back, Free


Vs. Winooski:

  • Ryley Morigeau: 8&U Girls; Fly, Breast
  • Luc Gagnon: 11-12 Boys; Fly, Back
  • Dan Coel: 11-12 Boys; Breast, Free
  • Ella Miller: 15-18 Girls; Fly, Back

Vs. BTC:

  • Dan Coel:11-12 Boys; Back, Free