Meet Bids for Long Course 2019

Meet Bids for Long Course 2019

Bidding is now open for Long Course 2019, and you will notice that things are a little different. In previous versions of the bid form, you entered your info at the top and then scrolled through the list of available weekends to input your meet in the corresponding weekend. This allowed you to submit one form per facility without entering your contact info multiple times. However, it was a bit clunky and the real problem is that nobody knew when teams were planning meets until the week after the deadline. This forced a scramble or resignation that your meet was scheduled on the same weekend as several other meets.


A new form has been implemented, and I’m hoping that it will be a positive change. Here are the changes:

  • The form only has a place to enter one meet. After submitting, you can go back to the form to submit another one. If you have auto-fill enabled in your browser, your contact information should populate with little effort.
  • Pool depth and starting block height fields have been removed. At this point, facilities are known to most of us. If there is a question, we will reach out to the team prior to adoption.
  • There are separate forms to bid on Districts and Championships. You can reach those forms from the main form.
  • The database holding the submissions will do a sweep every 15 minutes and add meets to a Google calendar available to the public. You can get to the calendar on the form. This will allow teams to see other meets already submitted in order to plan your schedule. If you wish to make a change, send me an email and I will delete a particular submission.
  • The Google calendar feature should be considered a Beta product. I will do my best to follow up with submissions to make sure they are shown correctly.
  • Deadline for bids is September 1 at 11:59pm.