Noblesville Swim Club Tryouts info here


Wednesday, August 29 or Wednesday, September 5, 2018 @ 6pm


            We are a proud member of USA swimming and we are ranked in the top 10% of all clubs in the United States.


            Competitive swimming has long proven to be one of the best activities for the health and social development of young people.  No other activity offers the unique opportunity to teach young people sportsmanship, a sense of fair play, responsibility, and the value of hard work.  Boys and girls are able to grow and develop in an atmosphere of friendly competition, forming lasting friendships.  USA Swimming offers an opportunity for children of all ability levels to compete.  There is the opportunity for success at the child’s own level, and winning is not overemphasized.  Every child on the team will have an opportunity to swim competitively.


            Try-outs are open to any child age 6 and older and will consist of one length of freestyle and backstroke.  Children may be asked if they know how to swim breaststroke or butterfly, but this will not have any bearing on whether they make the team.  Speed or endurance will not be tested during the tryout.


            Practices will be held in the early evenings (between 5-7pm) 3 to 5 days a week, depending on what group they are placed in, at Noblesville H.S.   Most of these new swimmers will practice from 45 minutes to an hour on T-Th-F nights.  The winter season will start the week of Sept 10th and lasts through February for most of the newer swimmers. 


             Swim Meets: Each swimmer will be encouraged to compete in meets that they are eligible for during the course of the season.  A lot of our competitions for new swimmers will be here at Noblesville High School and the rest take place in the Central Indiana area and are held on the weekends.



            If you need more information, please email us at or