Live Streaming of A Champs


We have some exciting news about Saturday A Champs at Wallingford Swim Club.  We have completed a successful test of our system and we are proud to announce that both sessions of the meet will be broadcast free of charge via Livestream on the internet.  Additionally, we will be recording the broadcast  and making it available for download.  Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that our former SSL President, Tim Truax, and our former SSL Secretary Heather Coghlan have agreed to be the color commentators during the sessions.  So if for whatever reason you can’t be at the pool to watch your children swim just follow the link below and you will be able to see and hear all the excitement. 


To view the Livestream event click below (no charge)


To order an MP4 or DVD click below ($15/session)
If for any reason one or more of your swimmers does not wish to be recorded please notify Sally Leathersich of the child(s) event number(s) during the scratch meeting or at some point before the child’s event(s).  She will notify the camera operator of which event numbers to reposition the camera to keep them off camera.
The speed of technology advancement continues to impress all of us.  In this case the advancement has outpaced our rules and as a Board we felt it necessary to announce a position regarding the use of technology to assist our officials.  We will NOT use the recording to change any ruling made by our officials.  This technology is only being used for the entertainment of the members our league and their families.  Zero effort was put into designating camera placement in areas that provide a better view than our officials.  
Finally we want to wish a hearty Congratulations to all the SSL Divers and Swimmers for a great 2018 season.  We also want to wish the Best of Luck to all our our athletes that still have races to swim in the closing days of the season.   
SSL Board of Directors