3rd Place at RESL Champs

Meet Highlights

High Point Winners
8 and Under Girls: Chloe Cooper 108 points
13-14 Boys: Joshua Hunter 140 points
Top 5 ranked point leaders per age group include: Marin Nebel, Jeffery Latronica, Sean Carroll, Ellie Hunter, Tom Rolefson, Lucien Regnier, Nathan Rogers, Cecilia Olnes.
New Team Records
8 and Under Girls
  Chloe Cooper 
  50 Free 32.93 (PR, Grace O’Toole 33.66, 2006)
  25 Back 19.37 (PR, Sophie Perl 19.75, 2007)
9-10 Girls
  Ellie Hunter 
  50 Free 29.67 (Previously owned)
  100 Free 1:05.95 (Previously owned)
  100 Breast 1:26.79 (PR, Nadia Perl 1:27.75, 2007)
  50 Fly 34.42 (PR, Taylor Rolefson 35.13, 2016)
  100 IM 1:15.05 (PR, Noa Berzon 1:16.14, 2005)
  200 IM 2:48.44 (PR, Noa Berzon 2:49.46, 2005)
11-12 Girls
  Taylor Rolefson 
  50 Free 28.17 (Previously owned)
  100 Breast 1:18.13 (PR, Nadia Perl 1:19.23, 2009)
13-14 Boys
  Joshua Hunter 
  100 Free 51.62 (PR, David Avery 54.88, 2010)
  100 Fly 58.41 (PR, Wilton Cappel, 1:01.92, 2016)
  200 Fly 2:21.49 (PR, Wilton Cappel, 2:21.49, 2015)
  400 IM 4:47.06 (PR, David Avery, 5:16.47, 2010)
  Nathan Rogers
  200 Free 1:57.18 (Previously owned)
  500 Free 5:11.92 (Previously owned)
  100 Breast 1:07.11 (Previously owned)
  200 Breast 2:31.88 (Previously owned)
  200 IM 2:14.43 (Previously owned)
New Far Western Qual
Ellie Hunter 50 Free, 100 Breast, 100IM
Joshua Hunter 100 Free, 100 Fly
New Junior Olympics Qual
Taylor Rolefson 50 Breast, 100 Breast
New AA 
Ellie Hunter 100IM,100breast
Joshua Hunter 100fly
Nathan Rogers 500free,200free
New A Times
Delaney Carroll 100breast
Ellie Hunter 200IM,50fly
Joshua Hunter 400IM
Cecilia Olnes 50free,200free,100fly
Taylor Rolefson 100breast
Sam Shaffer 50breast
Lukas Soderberg 50breast,100breast
Caroline Vissing-Morse 25back,100IM
Riley Welch 50free,25breast
Silas Carpenter 25back
Sean Carroll 25breast
Jack Fithian 50free,25breast
New BB Times
Delaney Carroll 200free,200IM
Madelena Fleury 200free,
Arcadia Li 100fly,100IM
Anna Nihei 100fly
Charlie Perl 500free
Lucien Regnier 500free,100fly,100IM,100free,
Taylor Rolefson 200IM,100fly,
Tom Rolefson 200free,500free,100IM
Lukas Soderberg 200IM,100free,50fly
Georgia Thompson 500free,400IM,100back
New B Times
Abigail Breedlove 50 free,50fly,100back,200IM,200free
Lindsay Coupe 200free
Mia Elliott 100free, 200free, 100breast,200IM
Charlotte Fithian 50free,100back,50back
Madelena Fleury 100back,100fly
Mirek Hanacek 50free,100free
Lily Logan 50fly,50breast,100back
Charlie Perl 200back
Madeline Porras 200free
Lucien Regnier 50back
Jordan Rohlfes 200free,50free
Sophia Schwartz 200IM,100back,50back,50fly
Theo Shaffer 100breast
Lukas Soderberg 200free
Mia Walsh 200IM,100back,50back
Ryan Walsh 400IM,100back,200back
Reina Kang 50free, 25back,25breast,25fly,100IM
Sydney Latronica 50free
Leilah Moses 25free,50free,25back
Justine Rohlfes 25fly
Hanna Soderberg 25fly
Caroline Vissing-Morse 25 fly
Riley Welch 25fly
Silas Carpenter 25free,50free,25fly
Jack Fithian 25fly
Leo Martinez 50free
Austin Scott 50free