12&U State Day 3

SWAT 12&U State Meet Day 2                                                   Brown Deer, WI

  • State Relay Record, two more club records broken; lead team runner-up finish.

  The third and final day of the Wisconsin 12&U State meet may have been even more exciting than the two previous already banner days.  Our 10&U crew made seven trips up the podium and added more to the team score in relays and other 9-16 places.  Brody LePine started his individual day with a silver medal in the 50 Backstroke.  He followed that race with another silver but this time in the 50 Freestyle.  He closed out his racing with a fourth place 200 Freestyle.  Emmy Meyer made her three walks up the podium by finishing fifth in the 100 Butterfly, fourth in both the 50 Backstroke and 200 Freestyle.  Sean Libal got to strut his way up to an eighth place medal in the 50 Backstroke.  Brody LePine finished the meet with the second place highpoint among all the 10&U boys.   

  These 11-12 SWAT swimmers just refuse to be outdone by their younger teammates.  The party started with a close win from the 200 Medley Relay team of Ryan Slonac, Mason Bruhn, Mason Wendt and Drew Shipley.  The ladies made their first appearance on the medal stand in the 100 Freestyle with Elizabeth Beam taking sixth and Hannah Mellock bringing home eighth place.  The boys 400 IM saw Mason Bruhn and Drew Shipley go first and second both breaking the existing team record.  Our second club record of the day was broken by Ryan Slonac with is bronze medal in the 50 Butterfly.  Mason Wendt joined him on the podium earning seventh.  The girls 200 Backstroke saw Elizabeth Beam and Carley Miller stand on the podium by taking the silver and fourth place medals respectively.  The final individual event on the boys side had Mason Bruhn wear the silver medal around his neck.

  The best part of meet (author’s opinion) occurred in the 400 Freestyle Relays.  The girls ‘B’ relay team of Melena Glysch, Lilly Namazi, Mikayla Meyer and Meredith Giese did their fair share of motivating teammates by nearly winning their heat from Lane 1.  Although not scoring in the top 16 I felt that race jolted both ‘A’ relay squads.  From rom Lane 2 the ‘A’ team of Carley Miller, Hannah Mellock, Macy Jacobson and Elizabeth Beam ended up with the bronze medal.  Great efforts by all four girls made that happen.  The relentless 11-12 boys though had a trick up their sleeves.  The relay team of Mason Bruhn, Ryan Slonac, Mason Wendt and Drew Shipley not only won the gold medal but smashed the state record from 2012 by over a second!  It felt like pandemonium was taking place for the author (ok maybe guilty of hyperbole) but it was a joyous outcome for all the SWAT people.  Mason Bruhn finished the meet with the second place highpoint among all the 11-12 boys.  As a full age group the 11-12 boys won their age group earning a team plaque

  Other relay teams scoring points were:

  5th = 10&U Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: Emmy Meyer, Morgan Salbreiter, Mallory Glysch, & Ashlyn Antholine

  5th = 10&U Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: Regi Hamilton, Mason Moore, Caleb Schutten and Brody LePine

  6th = 11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay: Elizabeth Beam, Macy Jacobson, Carley Miller and Hannah Mellock

  15th = 11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay: Nick Orton, Ian Leonard, Ethan Schutten and Eli Wichman

  12th = 11-12 Boys 400 Freestyle Relay: Eli Wichman, Ian Leonard, Nick Orton and Ethan Schutten

  Adding points by finishing between 9 and 16 place were Melena Glysch 400 IM (11th), Regi Hamilton 100 Fly (16th), Gabe Hernandez 100 Fly (10th), Macy Jacobson 100 Free (14th), Sean Libal 50 Free (12th), Carley Miller 50 Fly (11th) & Mason Moore 100 Fly (15th) and 50 Free (10th) & 200 Free (13th). 

  Other individuals representing SWAT were Ashlyn Antholine, Ben Beres, Meredith Giese, Mallory Glysch, Cora Jahimiak, Ian Leonard, Mikayla Meyer, Lilly Namazi, Nick Orton, Morgan Salbreiter, Caleb Schutten, Ethan Schutten,  Macy Sheahan, Anna Temke and Eli Wichman. 

  As an overall team SWAT finished in second place 58.5 points behind the winning team.  No joke here…AWESOME swimming SWAT team!