WCSC Newsletter: Conference Meet Info and More!

WCSC Parents and Swimmers,

Please read below for some important news items:

Coaches Corner:

We have rounded the corner for the majority of our athletes where percentage of focus the final week makes a shift from working on physical skills to working on mental confidence. Mentally reviewing what it took to perfect that start, learn a flip turn or continue on a set of repeats on a challenging interval reminds us as athletes of the fact that “wow” “I actually earned success each and every time I left practice. Conference is our swimmers’  “world” championship - just breath the word championship and you see the energy, bit of nerves, like thoroughbreds in a stall. A bit of that is great. We also want to keep composure and rely on the belief that their journey is what creates ultimate success. They have a foundation behind them. Make a swim “journey “ checklist with your swimmer. Did you work hard at practice? What did you work on most, over and over? What were the sets you got through that you thought maybe you wouldn’t? This is all money or hay! Hold on to that paper checklist, put it under your pillow, or on your bathroom mirror.

The ultimate message to all swimmers is that we are proud and they should be too-

1. Proud of every practice they thought was hard, or newly uncomfortable where they mustered confidence to continue.

2. For having grit to try and keep on trying.

3. Cheering and encouraging team, teammates and our competitors.

Please help us celebrate their season at Conference. When they stand on the blocks we remind them of all their work and accomplishments this season. Swimmers stand on the blocks shoulders back, head held high—not with the focus of just one final time outcome, but the belief in the work it took to get there. Your money is in the bank, or as my coach said “hay is in the barn.” Now it is time to shine and BELIEVE!!! We do!! Please share this with your kiddos! It has been a pleasure!


Your coaches

Calling for Pics and Videos for the 2018 SlideShow: Time to capture memories from the 2018 WCSC swim season! If you have a favorite picture or video you would like to share for use in the 2018 WCSC Banquet SlideShow, we would love to see it. You can submit by sending to slides@walnutcreekswimclub.org or uploading to: https://velosportphoto.smugmug.com/upload/8fBzTn/2018WCSC

Fundraising Updates:

  • Get 20% off and raise money for WCSC by shopping at Sports Basement from 7/25-8/12. Show this coupon at checkout! Go here:  https://www.teamunify.com/recwcscwcsc/__doc__/2018%20Sports%20Basement%20Fundraising.jpeg
  • Thank you to everyone who has donated and rallied others to donate to the Swim A Thon. We are only $486.62 away from our $4,000 goal and there is still time to donate! Go to our website and click on the green Please Help tab.
  • Sponsors: A big THANK YOU to this season's team sponsors, Remax Realty the Flaskerud Team and Snip It's in Walnut Creek! We are currently looking for sponsors for our 2019 season. Please reach out to those you know who might be interested in sponsoring our team. You can send me their contact info or give them mine at fundraising@walnutcreekswimclub.org

Pre-Conference Nightrider Visit Thursday, August 2nd: The Nightriders are coming! The Nightriders are coming! The Nightriders will be dropping by the homes of the swimmers participating in conference this Thursday evening to give your swimmer a little “power boost” for the weekend. Swimmers are encouraged to lay out the “welcome mat” and decorate outside to welcome them to your front door. Get your camera ready and share your pics on our Facebook page, and then make sure your swimmers bring their signs to conference to help decorate our team area.

August 4th and 5th Conference Meet Info:

  • Location: Heather Farms Pool
  • Set up: Families can set up on Friday, August 3rd at 6:30pm.  Also, please share space to make sure we can accommodate all families in our WCSC team area.
  • Theme:  Our Conference 2018 is Endless Summer! Where your shirts, get your beach/luau/Hawaiian theme on. Come decked out and show all the other teams who has the most spirit! We want swimmers and parents/families to join in on the fun!
  • Map: Please see this map to see where our team area will be located:  https://www.teamunify.com/recwcscwcsc/__doc__/Conference%202018%20Team%20Area%20Map.pdf
  • Programs:  This year programs will be sent out as a digital file (not for sale).  More info coming later.
  • Conference Jobs:  Please see below section for all the details about conference jobs – Gita will not be at conference, important to read the info relevant to the job you signed up for.  Thank you!
  • Warm Ups
    • Saturday: 7:45-8:15am Lanes 9 & 10
    • Sunday: 7:15-7:45am Lanes 9 & 10
    • Meet begins at 8:35am
  • Order of Events:


  IM 11 & Up Timed Finals

  Free Prelims

  Fly Prelims

  Lunch Break

  Free Finals Championships & Consolations

  Fly Finals Championships & Consolations

  Medley Relays


  IM 7/8 & 9/10 Timed Finals

  Back Prelims

  Breast Prelims

  Lunch Break

  Back Finals Championships & Consolations

  Breast Finals Championships & Consolations

  Free Relays

  • First Event of the Day:  Starting at 8:00am, preliminary swimmers for the first event of the day (Saturday: 11 and Older IM’s; Sunday: 7/8 & 9/10 IM’s) should begin checking into the Clerk of the Course.
  • Check-In:  When the swimmer’s age and gender group is called to check in, they must present themselves at the appropriate desk (boys/girls), where they will be seated by a Clerk. Swimmers must remain in their assigned seats until they are led by a Clerk to the pool deck.  Only ONE coach per team for boy area and girl area is allowed in the Clerk area. All swimmers 10 and under, must be “pre-marked” per instructions below prior to check-in. Marking tables stocked with meet programs, Sharpie pens, and marking instructions will be located near Clerk of the Course.
  • Relays:  Relay teams will only be checked in when all members are present.
  • Swimmer Marking: 10 and under years of age should have their event information (stroke heat-lane) written on their RIGHT HAND. You can find this information in the Meet Program (to be sent later).​ This year, we are neither requiring nor recommending swimmer names to be written anywhere on the body. Diagram is in page 8 of conference swim meet package located here: https://www.teamunify.com/recwcscwcsc/__doc__/2018%20Meet%20Packet%20Conference%20Meet.pdf
  • Finals​ – In each event and age group, the consolation heat will swim first, followed by the  championship heat. The championship heat will consist of swimmers who placed 1st – 10th and  the consolation heat will be swimmers who placed 11th – 20th in the preliminary heats.   
  • Swimmers, please check in with your coaches before leaving each day (after your initial swim) to make sure they don’t need to stay for final or consolation heats.


Thank you to all the families that have helped the team by working jobs all summer.  After Conference meet obligations are completed, volunteer deposit checks will be destroyed.  Buyout checks were submitted to the treasurer this week.

***Conference Job Information – Please Read ***


  • Conference pool setup at 5:30pm on Friday August 3rd.  Enter through SOUTH gate facing street.  Report to the WHO conference reps.
  • Bring 3 WCSC pop-ups for Conference use.
  • WCSC workers will be assisting with shade structure set-up.
  • After set-up job is completed, each worker may bring one personal pop up but no chairs, tables, wagons, etc.


  • Report to the Head Marshall table (or WHO conference reps)- NOT the announcer's table at the conclusion of the meet on Sunday.
  • Take down whatever WCSC workers set up on Friday plus any additional duties assigned by conference reps


  • Report to Head Marshal at Marshal's table at 7:30am to receive assignment.  If only 1 marshal is needed at a particular time, the 2nd marshal will be the floater and split shifts with other WCSC marshal.  


  • Report at 8AM to your assigned lane and job as listed on sign up sheet (i.e. Lane 1 stopwatch must go to lane 1 and use the stopwatch).  Chairs will be labeled with team initials so be sure to sit in the correct chair to avoid confusion.  


  • Report at 8:15am to the hospitality table (Amy Sanchez/Megan Cooper) to receive your assignment.  This table will be in the same area as All City meet.


  • Both officials must report to deck at 8AM for meeting each day to receive assignment.  Wear navy blue pant/shorts and white shirt.


  • Report at 7:45AM to the Clerk of the course to receive your assignment.


  • Arrive at the pool by 8:30am to be available to fill in wherever we are short-staffed.  Listen for overhead announcements asking for WCSC workers to report to an area and be ready to fill in as sub until the assigned worker arrives. 
  • Provide relief for timers/marshals primarily and secondarily to clerk and hospitality workers if possible.
  • Be prepared to fill in as a worker for a particular section as emergencies can arise.


  • We are responsible for providing starter responsibilities on Saturday only.

More Info on all Conference Jobs:

*Gita will NOT be at Conference meet this year, so all families will be responsible for checking in at the appropriate station on time.  Some jobs may require you to check in earlier than team warm-ups.  Please be ON TIME or EARLY to check in.  This is very important.

*Check in with the head official for your station when your shift starts so that they are aware who the new worker replacing the previous worker is.  Timers are the exception as they can go directly to the chair they are assigned.

*Keep your cell phones handy so you can be reached easily if we need to locate you for any reason.  Check the job sign up to confirm that the correct contact number is listed.

*Check the job sign up to confirm the day and time slot you have been assigned to work.  Shift times have been adjusted slightly.  Unfortunately, due to the closeness of the meet date, we cannot accommodate any more changes to the sign up. 

*If you have hired a sub for Conference, please be sure to pay them at the start of the meet.  The rate is $50/job.  Be sure his/her contact info is listed on the sign up sheet and you have confirmed the day/time with him/her.

*If your family has not signed up for a Conference job, your name and contact information will be provided to the Conference team so that we may reach you if you're needed to fill in anywhere. 

Thank you and good luck at Conference meet WCSC!

Sunday, Aug 5th After Conference Party – After our conference meet the weekend of 8/4 and 8/5 we will celebrate the season with a pool party from 5:45-9:00pm at Larkey Pool.  Please bring your own food and drinks.  No glass items!  Alcohol is not allowed.  The Splash area will be open from 6pm-7pm. We are working on the food truck.  More to follow.  Come celebrate and bring your floatables!

Save the Date: Walnut Festival Twilight: Saturday, September 15th: WCSC is applying to be in the Walnut Festival Parade again this year. Please save the date and more info to come as it is available.

Calendar Highlights:

  • Sat & Sun August 4 and 5 Conference Meet
  • Sun, August 5th 5:45pm to 9pm After Conference Party
  • Sat & Sun Aug 11th and 12th County Meet (if swimmer has qualified for county)
  • Sat, Aug 25th Awards night, time TBD
  • Sat, Sept 15th, Walnut Festival Parade, time TBD

See you at the pool!