WHAT @ Junior Olympics
Congratulations to the WHAT swimmers that competed at the AMS LC Junior Olympics. We didn't have a lot of swimmers in the meet, but the ones there swam big representing our small club BIG TIME! WHAT finished 6th overall of 43 teams entered with the girls finishing 7th the boys finishing 10th. Numerous team records were broken and personal best times posted. Standing out from the crowd was WHAT swimmer Channing Brook who took home the 11-12 Girls High Point award with five championship wins!
Championship Finalists (top 8)
  • Channing Brook
  • Mary Gotaskie
  • Noah Jamison
  • Franny LaRoche
  • Patrick Lersch
  • Emma Lintelman
Consolation Finalists (top 9-16)
  • Anna Dering
  • Gus Dering
  • Allheim DeVan-Bey
  • Franny LaRoche
  • Patrick Lersch
  • Michael Lintelman
  • Noah Jamison
  • Ben Winslow
Relay Medalists
  • 11-12 Girls 200 FR Relay (3rd): Franny LaRoche, Mary Gotaskie, Anna Dering & Channing Brook
  • 11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay (2nd): Franny LaRoche, Channing Brook, Anna Dering & Mary Gotaskie
  • 11-12 Girls 400 FR Relay (3rd): Anna Dering, Mary Gotaskie, Franny LaRoche, Channing Brook, &
  • 11-12 Girls 400 Medley Relay (3rd): Anna Dering, Channing Brook, Franny LaRoche, Mary Gotaskie
  • 13-14 Boys 200 Medley Relay (3rd) Ben Winslow, Gus Dering, Dante Martin, Allheim DeVan-Bey
  • Open Boys 200 Medley Relay (3rd): Noah Jamison, Stefan Stratimirovic, Luka Stratimirovic & Michael Lintelman