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Seasonal Special for Drag Socks

Seasonal Special from now up to
 September 15th

In order to assist our partner teams that have parents buy our products at that start of each season we are offering a special discount for individual orders. From now until September 15th, use code SEPT15 for an extra 10 percent off your order of Power Bags, Brute, Touch, Precision, and Glide Paddles.

If your parents are buying our products, just send them our website (remember our Amazon page is no longer selling, so please use our site) along with our code.

If you are buying for the team you can email me back at for better pricing.  I am also happy to help you get samples of other products of interest. I would love to have the chance to converse about products you would be interested in as well as a possible visit to your pool so you can try out all of our products.


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