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Metro Store Anniversary

1-Year Anniversary of Metro Store

Metro and the Metro Store would like to thank everyone on accepting the Metro Store as part of the Metroplex Aquatics family.  As a large team with miles between locations, using this retail route to serve families seems to be our best option. The online store has been a huge success based on the orders and feedback we have received. We know it hasn’t been perfect, but we are persistently working through the kinks to make the process the best it can be. 

New companies have come on board to help facilitate a full shopping experience for you as a customer and team member. Finis, the company that provides most of our equipment, has agreed to sell their products online with the store. Finis delivers the best quality snorkels and fins. Dolfin is also providing various items and looking to add more. Although securing the agreements with these companies is not always easy, Metro searches to execute the best retail deals for the team. Most of these items can be found online right now.  

We also have some new ideas pitched by our coaches that we will try in the fall. Creating mini "stores" in the locations that can support them is a Metro goal. These stores will have essential products for quick purchase for immediate swim needs. 

Metro remains an Adidas team and encourages such brand purchases. However, we are trying to offer more to make Metro its own entity and depend less on large companies and their retail timelines. We appreciate everyone who has worked with us throughout this process.  In light of the growing pains, Metro strives to best serve you with the easiest processes our store can provide.  We ask that you visit the Metro Store for your swimming needs.