Season End Recap and Lots More


We ended another successful swim and dive season and we are on our way to making improvements for next year. Again, congratulations to all the athletes for doing such an amazing job throughout the 2 month season and thanks to the parents for making it all possible.
We know how hard both you and your children work and making our team as successful as it is. Remember, success comes with enhancing skills, improving fitness levels, making friends, and being a part of a team.

The LMT Divers had a great season going undefeated for their 8th season in a row and winning 1st place in the league. Congratulations to the divers and parents for a job well done!
Thank you to the dive coaches: Joe Costello, Alex Costello and Nicole Costello. And a special Thank you to Key Dive Parents Sarah Weinstein and Felissa Lane for making it all happen this season!

The LMT Swimmers had a great season!
Gold Squad: 7 Wins, 0 Losses and won 1st place in the league’s red division for the 4th season in a row. 
Blue Squad: 4 Wins and 2 losses and won 2nd place in the league’s Blue Division (we think)! 
Congratulations to the swimmers and parents for a job well done!

Thank you to the swim coaches:
Head Coach: Kathryn Mireles

Asst Coaches: Madeline Barlow, Katie Blemings, Jenna Fox, Gary Garretson, Tim Groth, Lindsay Harkins, Melanie Hoover, Hannah Maslow, Cassie Meade, Christie Nemceff, Katy Oeste, Rachel Samson, Shirley Samson, Casey Young
Swimmer Coaches: Joshua Belder, Miles Borowsky, Madeline Doucette, Brooke Garretson, Jacqueline Rounsavill
Volunteer Swimmer Coaches: Will Deitch, Dominic Edwards

Special Thank you to our Meet Directors and Volunteer Coordinators:
Louise Doucette, Kara Martilotti, Beth Curtiss, Kris Walsh, Pam Webb and Sue Deutsch. It takes a village to run a meet and we are thankful for the LMT village!

A special thanks to Spirit Chairs Erin Lotta and Nancy Wisniewski for putting together a wonderful Spirit Week and a terrific (alert wet) picnic. The Ice Cream Man was a huge hit! 

Thanks to Karen Brown our League Representative for swim and Felissa Lane, our League Representative for dive.

We have some terrific swimmers who broke lots of Records over the course of the season. Thanks so much to Natalie Fleck for keeping track and posting all Record Breakers. Thanks also to Natalie for coordinating all of our invitational meets and meet workers! Congratulations to all our record breakers:

15 & Over 50M Butterfly: 7/19/18 26.06 David Curtiss
15 & Over 50M Freestyle: 7/12/18 23.95 David Curtiss
15 & Over 100M Backstroke: 7/31/2018 59.81 Greg Roytman (LEAGUE RECORD)
14 & Under 50M Butterfly: 6/28/18 30.55 Amelia Stevenson
Mixed 15 & Over 200M Freestyle Relay: 7/12/18 1:44.44 Will Deitch,
Jacqueline Rounsavill, Brooke Garretson, David Curtiss (LEAGUE RECORD)
Mixed 15 & Over 200M Medley Relay: 7/31/18 1:57.68 Greg Roytman, Madeline Doucette, Josh Belder, Jacqueline Rounsavill

15 & Over 50Y Backstroke: 7/7/18 24.49 David Curtiss
15 & Under 50Y Breaststroke: 7/7/18 27.32 David Curtiss
15 & Under 50Y Butterfly: 7/7/18 23.84 David Curtiss
15 & Over 100Y Freestyle: 7/7/18 47.37 David Curtiss
15 & Over 100Y IM: 7/7/18 56.04 David Curtiss
14 & Under 50Y Butterfly: 7/7/18 27.44 Amelia Stevenson
15 & Over 50Y Breaststroke: 7/7/18 32.10 Jacqueline Rounsavill

Natalie will be contacting all our record breakers about how to pick up their certificates.

Thank you to all of YOU, our team parents for volunteering as required. We know this is not your "typical sport" where you all watch from the stands and we appreciate you doing your part to make our team run smoothly and successfully.

We have 5 graduating seniors on the team this year and we wish them the best of luck as they enter college in the fall: Matt Babel, Ben Cusick, Walter Korzeb, Cate Kosko, Tanner Rhoades

I would like to thank the 2017/2018 Board for a great year. We work together to make the LMT Swim & Dive Team better and better each year. Thank you to our Vice President, Jay Stevenson, who is retiring from the Board.

Your 2018/2019 Elected Board Officers are:

President: Felissa Lane
Vice President: Charlene Lawton 

Vice President-Registrar: Brian Cohen
Secretary: Sarah Weinstein
Treasurer: Randy Curtiss

Congratulations and Thank You to our new Executive Board!

Many LMT swimmers continue swimming after the summer season is over! Below is a list of clubs in the area that offer fall/winter and even spring programs for all levels of swimming. Many clubs allow your swimmer to come for a one week trial before signing up!  

Council Rock Aquatic Club (CRAC)

Newtown, PA


Eastern Express Swimming (EEX)

Ewing, NJ


Excel Swimming (X-CEL)

Princeton, NJ


George School Aquatics (GSA)

Newtown, PA


Hamilton YMCA (HACY)

Hamilton Township, NJ


Neshaminy CORE Swimming (CORE)

Feasterville/Trevose, PA


Penn Aquatics (PENN)

Fairless Hills/Bristol, PA


Tri Hampton YMCA (THY)

Newtown, PA


NRG Swimming

Levittown, PA


Also, if you are interested in Water Polo, or finding out more information about this exciting sport, there is a club in nearby Princeton which offers a water polo program for all ability levels! They have a swim team too.

Princeton Tigers Aquatics Club


I’m excited to share that our VP-Registrar and local optometrist Brian Cohen, was featured on ACTION NEWS TONIGHT at 5pm regarding a segment recently filmed on “Summer Eye Safety.” 

You may recognize where part of it was filmed…at our beautiful LMT Pool! 

Dr. Cohen of Yardley Eye Care and LMT Swim Team parent, Rebecca Kelly of Yardley Public Relations, wish to give special thanks to the LMT township, the incredible pool staff, coaches and LMT swim team all of their assistance!

Here’s a link to the story:

I would like to thank all of you for 7 wonderful years as President. It has been a fulfilling and memorable time and I look forward to transitioning into the Past President role to offer Mentorship to our new Exec Board.

See you all next spring! We look forward to seeing you all back on the team next year.

Sandy Borowsky