Sharks 2017-2018 Updates and Registration

We are so Excited for another season.  Registration for Returning swimmers will open August 6th. We apologize for the delay as we are moving to a more streamlined billing system.  Registration will open for New Swimmers August 14th

There will be some important and exciting changes for the upcoming season.  Please read below.

  • We are excited to announce that we will moving to an easier more streamlined billing system.  Beginning this season all billing will be done through the Sharks website.  This will mean you will need to add a credit card to the website.   We will be having a mandatory Team meeting for all swim families to review.  Dates will be announced by Aug 27th   Below are some highlights
    • Monthly Bills will be charge on the 1st of the month
      • This will include Monthly dues and Meet Fees.
      • Meet Fees will be posted as soon as a swimmer is committed and accepted into a meet.
      • All Fees will be posted on your account through the team website and will be able to be seen at any time.
  • New Group this season – National Team
    • This group will be for swimmers 13/over who have qualified for Sectionals, Senior Zones, Futures, Jr Nationals or Nationals.  This  group price will include 1 Trip to the above meets per season (1 Short Course, 1 Long Course) with no additional charge. 13/over Coaches will be place swimmers in this group before the start of the season. No extra Registration is needed
  • 14/under Swimmers Qualify for Florida will be able to set up a payment plan beginning in October.
  • Preliminary Meet Schedule will be posted by September 1st
  • Group List will be posted for 2018-2019 Season by Saturday August 4th.
  • Spread the News: New Swimmer Tryouts will be Aug 6th, 13th,14th, 16th 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the JCC
  • Sharks Swim Camp is Aug 13th -17th 12:30pm to 3:30pm at the JCC.  To register please visit the following link


Coach Dave