Senior Team End of Season Schedule & Good Bye

Hello WTSC Senior Team

    I wanted to send out a schedule review for the end of the summer. This morning was our last official practice of the summer season. Weekly schedule overview looks like this:

  • Week of August 6th- OFF
  • Week of August 13th- OFF
  • Week of August 20th- Fun & Fit practices on that Wednesday the 22nd and Friday the 24th.
  • Week of August 27th- Fun & Fit practices on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (the 27th, 29th, and 31st, respectively). The updated calendar reflects all these dates.
  • Quick note regarding the F & F practices-- these are very near to essential to a successful fall and winter season. The 2 weeks up front are perfectly adequate as a nice break, then the rolling start of F & F morning practices strike a nice balance of swimming/fitness vs all the other needs your swimmer may have (family life, academics, social, physical and mental recovery).
  • Season starts full time the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 4.

Today marked my last regular practice date with the team. While I may be around for the Fun & Fit practices later in the month, there is some uncertainty as to how things will progress over the next few weeks. I've been starting to field some questions from swimmers and parents on what the next month will look like as far as transition to new leadership. Some of those answers remain unknown at the moment, however I am confident in the following:

1. The WTSC Board of Directors, in conjunction with NC Athletic Director Paul Loggan, is fully committed to a successful future for the swimmers and is doing a great job with the process as we speak.

2. A very qualified and diverse hiring committee has been established and is currently accepting resumes.

3. The remaining staff has my 100% confidence to direct the program now and into the future. Thank you to Josh, Ben, Dan- and Brenda too! These are good people with the best intentions for your children.

4.I ask that you please be patient with the hiring process. Hiring takes time to do it the right way, and while everyone wants to know every detail along the way, this is a private process for those involved.

Finally, I want to thank you all for a wonderful past 8 years for me and my family. Without a doubt it's difficult to summarize all the ways in which we celebrated together the many many good times.  All I can say is my time with the team will be cherished dearly, and I'll always be a friend and fan of all those at WTSC.

My Very Best,

Matt Papachronis